A lesbian couple in Midtown learned this lesson the hard way. When your relationship hits the skids, never ever leave the house keys behind. If you do, it’s never ever worth a visit with the ex to pick them up.

This couple added the fireworks to their Fourth of July Weekend when one stopped by the other’s apartment near the intersection of Boulevard and North Avenue to retrieve the keys to their former love shack.

It didn’t go well.

The visitor, 32, told police that things turned sour when she confronted her former girlfriend, 25, at the front door. The younger ex smacked her in the face but later told the cops that the visiting ex was the aggressor. Then she made it worse by changing her story and saying there never was a physical altercation.

The face of the older ex could not tell a lie, however. Police say she suffered a bruise. But the younger ex had several scratches on her back. So both women were arrested for disorderly conduct. There was no word on what happened to the keys.

Fortunately, a dog wasn’t stuffed into an oven, no bleach was used and no shotgun was brandished. One final tip: Don’t show up to your ex’s place uninvited around midnight.

This item was taken from an incident report filed with the Atlanta Police Department on July 7.