Porn is bigger than ever at Atlanta Pride this weekend, with more than a dozen porn performers strutting their stuff across boxes, bar tops and more. It's going to be a fun weekend for fluffers and fans alike.

Pride is no stranger to porn. Legendary gay sex film director Chi Chi LaRue worked the Pride parade last year with a gaggle of her hung hotties in tow. She's back this year, this time with a DJ gig with five of her pornsters ahead of appearing in the parade.

But that's not all. Eight other porn performers, a collection of ablicious men from Atlanta and across the country, are scheduled to strip down and shake it all around at events this weekend. See, Pride really is a size queen.

Pride porn opens on Wednesday with Charlie Harding's Hardbodies at Blake's, an event that includes an underwear contest. You can also watch as they go-go their way through the Tabernacle's Pride party on Friday, relish in their sweet tang on Saturday with Taste the Rainbow at BJ Roosters, enjoy some Foreplay and paint their private parts at Flex on Saturday, or see if their package measures up to the venue's name at Ten Atlanta, also on Saturday.

UPDATE | Make that 15. Southern Nights touched base after we published this post to let us know that beefy Derek Parker will appear at their Cheshire Bridge Road store on Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. We added him to the photos below. 

Who's on tap:

Duncan Black (Flex)


Michael Brandon & Collin Stone (Flex)


Jessie Colter (BJs)


Tommy Defendi (Ten)


Trenton Ducati (BJs)


Ray Han (Tabernacle)


Drake Jaden (BJs, Tabernacle)


Chi Chi LaRue (BJs)


Derek Parker


Scotty Rage (Tabernacle) & Charlie Harding (Blake's)


Matt Stevens (BJs, Tabernacle)


Draven Torres (BJs, Tabernacle)


Zack Taylor (Flex)