Blond Atlanta hottie Keith Griffin will tease you in a bathrobe and drive you absolutely insane when his jeans hit the floor. There's no wonder why this guy is a certified hard body.

We first noticed Keith when he put his muscular frame on a box and danced during a recent Hardbodies at Blake's, putting a sexy spin on Hump Days at the bar. So when Atlanta photographer Carl Proctor -- who brought hairy hottie DW Chase to the Morning Fix -- mentioned he's been shooting Keith for some time, we jumped at the chance for a better look.

Proctor also shared some insights about Keith and the photoshoot that led to these images.

I have been doing photographic projects with Keith since he was 18. It's hard to believe he turned 23 on Nov. 21. He has a busy schedule in college studying acting and recently performed in the musical "Children of Eden." In spite of how much schoolwork Keith has, he never misses a chance to make his daily gym visits and he does an occasional dance gig at Blake's on Wednesday nights. He's gotten visibly more muscular over the past couple of years and says he sees his gym time as his salvation. He loves that he has fans and that people appreciate how he looks. Like many others in the acting and modeling field he would love to model for Abercrombie & Fitch and Calvin Klein.  

Keith is also hilarious as a person and is constantly finding something to laugh about. He's even taken a whack at stand up comedy, although his true love is acting.

Photos courtesy Carl Proctor