Olympic diver sings “Single Ladies” in London, Durham calls gay tourists to see more tolerant side of North Carolina, John Goodman plays gay Colonel Sanders in Chick-fil-A parody video, Missouri lesbian bashed, Maryland marriage, JLo’s boyfriend isn’t gay, and more LGBT headlines.

Visit gay North Carolina? Yup, at least one city in the state that definitively banned same-sex unions at the ballot box seeks gay visitors. Durham tourism officials launch the Out Durham campaign and microsite (top photo) to attract LGBT travelers to “the most tolerant city in the U.S.”

Chick-fil-A franchise manager disavows company line. Anthony Picolia, who manages New Hampshire’s only Chick-fil-A restaurant, became a sponsor of Pride and said, “It would make me sad if someone felt that they were not openly welcomed into my life or restaurant based on their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender. Chick-fil-A at Pheasant Lane Mall has gay employees and serves gay customers with honor, dignity and respect.”

Three siblings charged with beating lesbian. Keeping gay bashing all in the family, two sisters and a brother in Missouri, aged 11-16, lured Jeana Terry (second photo) to the door of her home by yelling anti-gay slurs. Then they pulled her outside and began “kicking, stomping and beating the hell out of her,” according to a neighbor. The kids’ mom says Terry and her partner started it.

Maryland marriage equality in “strong position to pass.” A Hart Research Associates study showed a 6-point increase in the support margin between March and July. Voters favor the law 54 percent to 40 percent. If they pass it in November, Maryland would become the first state to get gay marriage by a vote of the people.

JLo: How dare you say my boyfriend is gay! It’s not that Jennifer Lopez’ beau Casper Smart (third photo) wasn’t in an establishment that features gay peep shows. It’s not whether he stepped in a random door for a minute to get some quiet while on his cell phone. It’s that Lopez is threatening to sue for defamation, as if there’s something defamatory about being called gay.

Iowa GOP chair wants voters to remove gay-marriage supporting judge. Voters in 2010 ousted three state Supreme Court justices for the unanimous decision to make gay marriage law. Now a vindictive state Republican leader is calling for a fourth judge on the panel to be taken down for it as well.

John Goodman and KFC love gays. In a parody for Funny Or Die, the actor plays a pretty damn gay Colonel Sanders who likes his chicken and not the bigot chicken over at Chick-fil-A. Video below.

Matthew Mitcham calls all the “Single Ladies.” What’s an Olympic champion diver and out athlete (bottom photo) do in London dorms between diving events? Show off his talents outside the pool and big gay love of Beyonce, of course. Click the headline to enjoy the video below of his ukulele and singing prowess, or just go ogle Mitcham barely dressed.

Terry photo by Southeast Missourian; Lopez-Smart photo via Examiner; Mitcham photo from London Times

KFC Loves Gays with John Goodman from John Goodman