“Magic Mike” co-star calls “gay actor” regressive, Supreme Court ObamaCare ruling gets LGBT cheers, transgender icon on “Degrassi,” federal hate crime trial date, Tyler Clementi’s parents on “Rock Center,” gays on “The Newsroom,” and more LGBT headlines.

Chaz Bono heads back to school on “Degrassi.” The transgender activist and former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant (top photo) will appear as himself on TeenNick’s long-running drama to support his ongoing efforts to educate and support transgender teens.

LGBT leaders cheer Supreme Court healthcare decision. When the 5-4 ruling came down that ObamaCare is constitutional, many gay groups were among the cheering squad. Atlanta’s own LGBT advocates at The Health Initiative are onboard, too.

Police hunt for gay man’s killer in San Francisco. Steven “Eriq” Escalon (second photo) was found dead in his home on June 12. Homicide cop Scott Warnke says the investigation is moving forward, and the police are looking for a person seen leaving the area carrying “a flat screen TV, at least one computer, or a game console, in the early to late afternoon of June 12.”

Trial date set for first federal hate crimes case. Anthony Ray Jenkins, 20, and Jason David Jenkins, 37, of Kentucky stand charged with kidnapping, assault and violating the hate crime law in an attack on a gay man. The Oct. 15 trial is the first under the inclusive federal hate crimes law passed in 2009.

Don’t call Matt Bomer a “gay actor.” The “Magic Mike” actor (third photo) says using such phrases is regressive. “Everybody thinks that equality comes from identifying people, and that’s not where equality comes from,” Bomer says. “Equality comes from treating everybody the same regardless of who they are.” Not to be regressive or anything, join the gay “Magic Mike” fan mayhem here and here, and don’t miss the full measure of Bomer’s sex appeal in the Morning Fix.

Connecting the gay dots in “The Newsroom.” LGBT links to the series are revealed in a column by legendary lesbian journalist Karen Ocamb, who once clerked on the Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather evening news shows. She shines a light on nods to LGBT issues in the new HBO hit and the responsibilities of the series’ gay producer Alan Poul.

Texas gay bar raid police chief evolves into pro-gay hero. The filmmaker who chronicled the Rainbow Lounge raid in Texas says one of the story’s villains has changed. Fort Worth Police Chief Jeffrey Halstead (bottom photo) has since worked with activists to make it a more inclusive city.

“Rock Center” features Tyler Clementi’s family. The Thursday episode of Brian Williams’ NBC news magazine sat down with Clementi’s parents and brother to talk about the aftermath of the teen’s suicide after his Rutgers’ roommate used a webcam to spy on his sexual encounter with another man. Watch:

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Bono photo from NickTeen; Escalon photo via Bay Area Reporter; Bomer photo from People; Halstead photo via Advocate