Bisexual screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis calls actor “too gay” for “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, Montana beating victim pleads to false report, Olympic trampoline athlete comes out as gay and HIV-positive, stupid anti-gay protestor sets lawn on fire, and more LGBT headlines.

Olympic trampolinist comes out as gay and HIV-positive. Australian athlete Ji Wallace (top photo) says he was inspired to reveal his status after watching an interview with Greg Louganis, the famed Olympic diver who came out as HIV-positive in 1995, as well as the recent coming out of Anderson Cooper.

Shopping for equality: Do boycotts work? One gay writer’s take on Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and consumerism as activism. “When did fighting for civil rights get delegated to my debit card?”

Montana gay bashing didn’t happen. Joseph Baken pleaded guilty Tuesday to falsely reporting as the victim of an anti-gay beating. His story unraveled after Missoula, Mont., police watched surveillance video of him attempting a backflip off a street curb and smashing his face on the sidewalk, creating his injuries. Baken shames us all.

Bret Easton Ellis: Matt Bomer is too gay for “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Having just been cut from the short list to write the screenplay for a movie version of the best-selling novel, the bisexual “Less Than Zero” and “American Psycho” author surprised some tweeting multiple objections to the openly gay actor (middle photo) being considered for the lead. Of course, Bomer’s hot enough for the sexed-up role.

Dad disowns gay son in cruel letter gone viral. It is, as the reporter points out, “a stark reminder of why the fight for LGBT equality and against religious extremism is so critical.”

NOM-allied pastor calls Obama “Judas” for gay marriage stance. Rev. William Owens is making the media rounds to talk down the Democrats’ possible inclusion of gay marriage in its platform and the president’s LGBT support.

Idaho looks at lack of sexual orientation protections. The state Department of Commerce watching to see if Idaho’s lack of nondiscrimination law for gay hires affects recruitment efforts. Conservative lawmakers have rejected attempts to expand the state’s Human Rights Act, and the commerce director says his department will bear the brunt.

Oopsie! Anti-gay protestor sets General Mills lawn on fire. Michael Leisner (bottom photo) intended to burn a Cheerios box at the parent company’s headquarters to oppose General Mills’ gay marriage support. In light of his mishap going viral, bet he wishes he didn’t record this video:

Wallace photo via Star Observer; Bomer photo from Huffington Post; Leisner photo from YouTube