There is only one time a year when a Fag Bash is a good thing. That’s at the Stonewall Weekend party of the same name with the irreverent post-gays at Mary’s, who hosted the 8th annual event on Friday.

DJ Ree de la Vega blew out the gay anthems as the club welcomed revelers to “Come out and celebrate your right to be a big ol’ flaming homosexual. Let’s dress up to mess up and pay honor to all those drag queens and bull dykes and fairies who weren’t afraid to stand up for themselves!”

Throw in a keg to supplement the flowing bar cocktails and some drinking games to make sure everyone was in the spirit, and it was another night to remember at East Atlanta’s alternaqueer lounge. Next up at Mary’s is the Bone Voyage party on Saturday, June 30, to say so long to bar regular Tony DiCaro, who’s moving out of town.

Photos by Loren Hoffmann