A prison doctor who tried to play out his gay porn fantasies by offering oral sex during medical exams at the federal pen in southeast Atlanta pleaded guilty on Monday. Turns out that sort of thing is frowned upon by federal prosecutors.

So Lewis Jackson, 34, faces a lengthy prison term when he’s sentenced in February. A federal grand jury indicted Jackson in August on three counts of abusing a ward and one count of lying to federal agents. The sex charges carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

“The inmates Dr. Jackson saw at the United States Penitentiary had a right to humane treatment during their incarceration,” U.S. Attorney Sally Quilling says in a prepared statement. “Instead, Dr. Jackson used his authority to sexually abuse prisoners.”

In October 2011, Jackson tried to perform oral sex on three inmates who sought medical treatment. In one case, he tried to go around the world. You know, the anal.

The case is filled with oddities that interfere with the whole porn-like storyline:

• When federal agents confronted Jackson with the allegations, he denied them. Of course he did. But agents then played the secretly-recorded soundtrack to one of his escapades and Jackson folded.

• When Jackson was snatched up and jailed in Atlanta, he was already on bond for similar charges in the District of Columbia Jail in 2008. Nice background check, fellas.

• On Monday, Jackson was accompanied in federal court by his wife and parents, according to the AJC. Yeah, mom really needs to hear about those kind of medical exams. And the wife always wondered about those “Cell Block Sex: Locked Down” DVDs lying around the house.

• Jackson was due to plead guilty in August, but that was pushed back when he tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized for seven days.

Jackson tried to explain away his penchant for full-service exams on unwanting prisoners like this:

During his hospitalization, Jackson said, he was diagnosed with mental health conditions he was unaware he had. Jackson told Totenberg he is now taking medication, receiving excellent therapy and “I’ve got the most wonderful and supportive family.”

No word on what that “excellent therapy” included or if anal cost extra.