imageA marriage scorecard tops Friday headlines: New Jersey loses, Portugal wins. Plus an eight-week gay rights whirlwind, and where’s the next place to see Cynthia Nixon and Adam Lambert?

New Jersey Senate defeats gay marriage bill 20-14. The vote ends the effort to win legislative approval of the measure, and sets the stage for a new battle before the New Jersey Supreme Court. Former GLAAD executive director, lesbian mom and partner of 28 years Joan Garry (top photo) weighs in with articulate, personal reaction to the decision.

Uganda lawmaker refuses to withdraw “gay death sentence bill” after pressure from a government official that calls it “unnecessary” in light of the already-existing 14-year jail sentence for homosexual acts.

image Cynthia Nixon (middle photo) to appear in Florida ads against the state’s gay adoption ban. The “Sex and the City” star is wrapping the next movie in the series and plans a 2010 wedding to her longtime girlfriend.

Portugal’s gay marriage bill passes. The predominantly Catholic nation becomes the sixth in Europe to allow same-sex unions.

Two months of contrasting developments in gay rights: Catch up with the overwhelming number of victories and defeats in just eight head-spinning weeks of law and politics across the country and around the world.

“Gay hotel” on its way to New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Billing itself as “heterofriendly,” the Axel Hotel chain already runs five-star digs in Barcelona, Berlin and Buenos Aires.

Trans man pleads guilty in bogus student case. The 24-year old pretended to be a 15-year old boy and enrolled in an Illinois high school. After a 120-day sentence, he will be on two years probation for “felony disorderly conduct.”

image Adam Lambert denies “Glee” guest star rumors, confirms “Oprah” appearance, and says he would love to be on “True Blood” “Weeds” or “Gossip Girl.” So basically, every gay show except “Glee.” (bottom photo)

Time Magazine: Europe’s gay leaders “Out at the top.” Did you know Iceland’s Prime Minister is a lesbian and a U.K. Cabinet minister is openly gay? Their stories, and the “European difference” that makes it possible.

Christian group trying to reverse Mexico City’s gay marriage law, just weeks after it passed, days after was signed into law, and a fortnight before it goes into effect.