Watch interview with couple from homecoming kiss viral photo, priest refuses communion to lesbian at mom’s funeral, Born This Way Foundation takes on Harvard, Seancody’s “Danny” now “TUF” fighter Dakota Cochrane, Penn covers trans surgeries, and more LGBT headlines.

Lesbian denied communion at mother’s funeral. The priest at the Washington, D.C., service first refused to give Barbara Johnson (top photo) communion. Then he stepped down from the dais when she was giving her mother’s eulogy, never to return. The D.C. archdiocese says the priest’s actions were against policy.

Lady Gaga’s Harvard visit coincides with expelled gays cause. Seven men were ousted in the 1920s for homosexuality, and a group of faculty and students are seeking posthumous degrees for them. A Wednesday rally is set for Gaga’s launch of her Born This Way anti-bullying foundation. Harvard says the degrees aren’t going to happen.

Ultimate Fighter Dakota Cochrane regrets gay porn past. Cochrane was outed as the performer also known as Seancody’s “Danny” (middle photo) in September. Now as a competitor on the 15th season of the reality show “TUF,” he says that the porn was a long time ago, he’s straight and “It was a mistake.”

Tyler Clementi’s date to testify at Rutgers spy-cam trial. Even when he takes the stand, court officials are going to great lengths to keep the identity of “M.B.” private. He was recorded making out with Clementi by Clementi’s dorm mate, who faces multiple charges in the incident many believe led to Clementi’s suicide.

USC student Senate considers gender-neutral policies. Two student senators introduced resolutions that would allow better access for transgender students, faculty, staff and visitors with gender-neutral restroom and housing options. A student government vote takes place March 6.

Gay St. Louis teacher fired for planning wedding. Al Fischer, a popular Catholic school music teacher, lost his job after officials found out he was going to marry his partner of 20 years in New York.

Penn covers employee gender reassignment surgeries. The university reversed its 2011 decision not to extend the health coverage to transgender employees. Trans students at Penn have had access to the coverage since 2010. The employee policy begins July 1.

Poll: Support grows for equal marriage in California. 59 percent of polled California voters now support legal marriage for gay couples. Only 34 percent disapprove. It’s record support, up from 51 percent in favor in 2010.

Couple in Marine homecoming photo speaks. A candid shot of Sgt. Brandon Morgan leaping into the arms to kiss his boyfriend Dalan Wells (bottom photo) went viral worldwide, prompting this TV news story and interview. Watch:

Johnson photo by Washington Post; Cochrane photo from Seancody; Marine photo via Gay Marines Facebook page