Player at center of girlfriend hoax answers “gay question,” hockey predicted as first sport with out pro athlete, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 5 contestant revealed as bareback porn star, teen comes out at school assembly, Rhode Island on gay marriage, and more LGBT headlines.

Manti Te’o denies gay rumors. The highly anticipated Katie Couric interview about the Heisman hopeful’s non-existent internet girlfriend and the public love he got for inspring story of her “death” aired on Thursday. He remained short and sweet about speculation that he’s actually gay. Couric didn’t press. Watch the video above.

“Drag Race” Season 5 contestant’s bareback porn (NSFW). Oh the timing of it all. Turns out that the rabid ramp-up for Monday’s debut of the next “RuPaul’s Drag Race” includes a news of a gay bareback vid from contestant Jade Jolie under the name Tristan Everhard (second image).

Rhode Island House to pass gay marriage. Senate in question. Thursday’s vote is all but a done deal assured to convert the state’s civil unions into marriages for same-sex couples. Full marriage equality hinges on shakier ground in the state Senate.

Gay former NFL player predicts NHL will have first out pro athlete. With all the push in recent years from advocates within all levels of hockey, retired football player Wade Davis says that the league, not his, is the most likely to break the gay American professional athlete barrier.

Megan Rapinoe: Watch your language. The out Olympian and champion U.S. midfielder (third photo) lends her name to GLSEN’s “Changing The Game” campaign. She talks about the Think Before You Speak portion of the campaign, which advances the idea that hurtful words, well, hurt.

Gay advocates renew push for gay federal contractor protections. In light of the president’s inaugural address including gay rights, LGBT groups are refocusing the pressure on the White House to officially require all companies with a federal contract to ban discrimination based on sexual orienatation.

Rosie Perez hates that Anderson Cooper “bats for the other team.” To promote the actress returning to co-host “Anderson Live!” in its swan-song season, producers released a funny clip in which she says she still thinks he’s so cute despite his legendary coming out.

49ers coach says he’d welcome a gay player. The Super Bowl-bound (sorry Falcons) Jim Harbaugh says “there is no discrimination in my heart” and that he any player to “be who they are.”

High school senior comes out to class, teachers. The class awards assembly got a surprise when Jacob Rudolph (bottom photo) took the podium for his honor, announced he is “an LGBT teen” and got a standing ovation. Even better: His dad is the one filming and posting it. Watch:

Jolie-Everhard photos from The Sword; Rapinoe photo via SheWired; Rudolph photo from YouTube