Lesbian carved with “dyke” speaks out; Olympic torchbearer kisses boyfriend during run; Wisconsin legislator comes out as bisexual; gay Chick-fil-A culture war update; “Hedwig” sequel, Amazon CEO gives $2.5M to gay marriage effort; and more LGBT headlines.

Wisconsin legislator comes out as bisexual. Wisconsin state Rep. (top photo) JoCasta Zamarripa told reporters this week that she’s decided to come out before her upcoming re-election bid. She is the only Hispanic in the Wisconsin legislature.

Amazon CEO donates $2.5M toward marriage equality. In the fight to keep Washington state’s gay marriage law when it’s challenged at the polls in November, Jeff Bezos put his money where his mouth is in the biggest way yet. His donation dwarfs those by corporate bigwigs like Bill Gates in the state.

Olympic torchbearer kisses boyfriend, draws cheers. Chris Basiurski (second photo), who chairs Gay Football Supporters Network in Great Britain, laid one on his man during his stretch of the traditional torch run toward Friday’s opening ceremonies in London. Elsewhere in gay Olympians, a Greg Louganis documentary is in the works.

Chick-fil-A’s culture war continues unabated. The Atlanta-based chicken chain’s tries to tamp out the national firestorm after the company president confirmed its anti-gay policies. But the heat won’t let up, including a tasty response by Atlanta restaurateur and singer Doria Roberts and her partner.

“Hedwig and the Angry Inch” sequel in the works. Gay pundit Kevin Sessums dishes news direct from his personal friend John Cameron Mitchell on an upcoming continuation of the transgender rock and roller’s story, again scored by composer Stephen Trask. Plot details? Not much: “something that could only happen to Hedwig - a phantasmagoria with dollops of brutal reality interwoven into its multi-media narrative.”

Florida Lt. Gov. apologizes for “what a lesbian looks like” debacle. After denying a lesbian affair by saying “usually black women who look like me” don’t do that, Jennifer Carroll issued an extensive apology that it was “wrong and inexcusable.” Yup, Atlanta’s Doria Roberts was all up in on that firestorm, too.

Boston gay couple says church did not want to sell mansion to them. It’s bad enough that the Catholic Church discriminates against gay people. But it’s poor form — and possibly illegal — to document the bigotry and then email it to the victims.

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Lesbian who got “dyke” carved onto her body speaks. Police are investigating the case of Charlie Rogers (bottom photo), who reported a home invasion in which attackers tied her up, carved slurs into her skin and set a fire in her house. She addresses naysayers who say she’s making it up. Watch:

Zamarripa photo by New Jersey Star Ledger; Basiurski photo from Gay Star News; “Hedwig” photo via Filmmaker; Rogers photo by KETV