It’s not easy being Madonna. With the paparazzi in her face all the time and fans crowding vintage convertibles, there’s hardly time to think of an original theme for a new song in her hit factory. We still can’t take our eyes off it.

As seen in the video for “Turn Up the Radio” released Monday, life as a diva can be a headache. But in Madonna’s video world, when you’re just over everything, a little dance music is all it takes. And of course, our girl has a tried-and-true bag of tricks at the ready.

Madonna turns directly to what she knows for “Turn Up the Radio.” Director Tom Munro (“Give It 2 Me”)? Check. The backseat of a car and a song about cranking up the tunes (“Music”)? Check. Miracle working stylists and camel toe (“Hung Up”)? Check. Current boy-toy (“Justify My Love”) and multi-cultural hotties (Every Madonna song ever)? Everything’s in place.

And we can’t help but love her for it. The icon has another instant hit for gay fans. Press play and, well, turn it up.