Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video comes with concert pledge to defy Russia’s anti-gay law, U.S. officials probe torture of LGBT detainees, Chaz named Miami Beach Pride grand marshal, silent march against D.C. hate crimes, and more LGBT headlines.

Hundreds join silent walk against D.C. hate crimes. An estimated 600 people marched quietly through the Washington, D.C. Columbia Heights area on Tuesday (top photo) in protest of a rash of anti-LGBT violence in the neighborhood.

Seattle LGBT group nixes meeting with gay Israelis over “pinkwashing.” Other local LGBT leaders stepped in to meet with the Alliance of Israeli LGBTQ Educational Organizations after the commission accused the Israelis of buying into an Israeli government effort to paint the country as gay friendly.

Oh lord. Kirk Cameron is still talking. With the most attention he’s received since “Growing Pains” went off the air, the child actor-turned-evangelist (second photo) is milking his anti-gay comments with appearances defending his stance on “Today” and Fox News.

U.S. Immigration investigates torture of LGBT detainees. The department of Immigration & Customs Enforcement says it’s taking complaints seriously about 16 alleged incidents of torturing gay and transgender foreign nationals in American immigration prisons.

Chaz Bono named grand marshal of Miami Beach Pride parade. The activist and reality star takes to a convertible Rolls Royce on April 15. He has done similar gigs (third photo) across the country with and without his mother Cher.

Michelle Obama stresses importance of election on marriage equality. In a campaign stop for her husband, the First Lady reminded voters that their choice for president will affect the fate of gay marriage, since the president makes appointments to the Supreme Court, where the national issue is likely to see its ultimate decision.

Parents angered after school board fires lesbian principal. The Paradise Valley, Ariz., school district voted unanimously last week to relieve Cynthia Davis of her duties, citing “leadership style.” But parents are pissed now that it’s clear a board member launched the effort with concerns over Davis’ “lifestyle.”

Madonna’s “freedom fighter” concert for gay rights. The gay icon (bottom photo) pledges to defy Russia’s new anti-gay law with a message of acceptance during the Russian leg of her world tour. She hits Vladimir Putin’s hometown on Aug. 7. Tuesday’s release of her “Girl Gone Wild” video is sweeping the gays. Watch:

March photo via Examiner; Cameron photo from Los Angeles Times; Bono photo by New York Post; Madonna still from E!