Madonna’s “propaganda” suit laughed out of court, Boeing says even married gay employees won’t get spousal benefits, Freeman voices “Dawn of New Day” for marriage, Chris Christie challenger, Supreme Court on marriage, and more LGBT headlines.

Gay group urges Newark mayor to run against Chris Christie. New Jersey’s statewide gay group is trying to get Mayor Cory Booker (top photo, left), a staunchly vocal supporter of LGBT rights, to challenge the popular Republican governor (right) in the New Jersey gubernatorial race next year.

Supreme Court poised to consider gay marriage. The justices will meet behind closed doors Friday to decide which, if any, marriage equality cases it will take. If they don’t take Prop 8, gay marriage in California will be legal. Any of eight DOMA cases would mean rulings in June. They’ll announce which cases next week. Yet another lower court blow to DOMA came down last week.

Dozen gay men allegedly face Libyan death squad. Several outlets are reporting that 12 men were abducted from a party and tortured for being gay before the group responsible posted alleged photos of the victims on its Facebook page promising their executions.

Russian lawsuit against Madonna laughed out of court. A group of anti-gay activists charged the singer (middle photo) with violating a ban on “homosexual propaganda.” Farcical claims and admonishment by the judge before complete dismissal of the case was worthy of the lawsuit’s ridiculousness.

Indiana prepares constitutional gay marriage ban. Legislators are moving to pass a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage in the state that would then go before voters to take affect. It would become the 31st state to do so if approved.

Boeing denies pension benefits to gay spouses. The aeronautics juggernaut tells union negotiators that it intends to deny pension survivor benefits to married same-sex couples, even with marriage equality now in its home of Washington state. A spokesman says the benefits fall under federal law that still doesn’t recognize the unions.

Judge suspends ruling on inmate’s gender reassignment. A federal judge who ruled that transgender convicted murderer Michelle Kosilek be allowed taxpayer-funded reassignment surgery, agreed to suspend the order until an appeal of his ruling by the state of Masachusetts.

Gay couple runs legendary Tavern on the Green. The future of the New York City landmark was highly debated since last summer, when out-of-towners and gay dads Jim Caiola and David Salama (bottom photo) got the bid to run the restaurant over heavy-hitting locals. They’re forging ahead to reopen the Central Park eatery next year following a four-year hiatus.

Morgan Freeman narrates HRC’s gay marriage ad. HRC spent a pretty penny to produce the victory lap commercial over four state votes that finally went marriage equality’s way on Election Day after 30 ballot box defeats. The ad also looks to work left to be done. It’s on TV in some markets, but online too. Watch:

Booker-Christie photo by New Jersey Star-Ledger; Madonna photo via USA Today; Caiola-Salama photo by Crains New York