Jane Lynch and Billie Jean King among power lesbians’ PAC of their own, gay comics before mainstreaming, newly discovered asteroid named after gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny, U.S. House members file against DOMA, gay porn mashup, and more LGBT headlines.

New lesbian Super PAC champions gay, women’s rights. LPAC launches Wednesday with a goal to raise $1 million this year. It’s led by Laura Ricketts, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, and boasts members like actress Jane Lynch (top photo), tennis great Billie Jean King and activist Urvashi Vaid.

Congress members file brief against DOMA in federal court. Some 130 House members signed an amicus brief in federal appeals court supporting federal employee Karen Golinski, who has challenged the federal ban on gay marriage and won every round so far to get her partner health benefits. The brief directly objects to John Boehner-approved House lawyers defending DOMA in court.

Four decades of queer comics collected. “No Straight Lines” (second photo) compiles a definitive look at 40 years worth of underground LGBT comic books, way before DC and Marvel started gay-inclusive superhero lineups.

Gay rights pioneer gets his own asteroid. An amateur astronomer named an asteroid he discovered after late gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny. Before he led the early gay rights movement, Kameny was a Harvard educated astronomer for the U.S. Army before he was fired for being gay.

Arizona’s anti-gay partner benefits crusade leads to resignation. After Gov. Jan Brewer petitioned the Supreme Court to take a case of same-sex partner benefits for state employees that the state has already lost twice, one of her appointees to Arizona’s tourism council quit in protest.

Maine gay marriage ahead 20 points in poll. The Portland Press Harold survey of voters across the state show 57 percent saying they’ll vote to approve marriage for same-sex couples in November. Only 35 percent say they’re opposed, with 8 percent undecided.

Barney Frank: Republicans just “ignored’” my wedding. Instead of raising a big stink over the gay lawmaker (bottom photo) tying the knot with his longtime partner last weekend, most Republican Congress members just pretended it wasn’t happening, which Frank says is an improvement.

Vintage gay porn mashup music video goes viral. The video for French pop band The Aikiu’s single “Pieces Of Gold,” above features a hilarious, ingenious and NSFW use of gay sex clips cut with members of the band on their instruments. Just watch:

Lynch photo from Fox; ‘Straight Lines’ via Advocate; Frank photo from Talking Points Memo