You can expect police commanders to bristle when one of their own is pinched hoarding enough recreational equipment to fill a couple of Subarus. So DeKalb police on Friday fired lesbian Capt. Suzanne Kaulbach.

In mid July, Kaulbach was jailed after a quick courtroom consultation with her partner and some testy back-and-forth with a prosecutor during an hours-long warrant application hearing. She’s accused not of stealing the stuff from her neighbors, but keeping it at her Clayton County home otherwise known as theft by receiving. The booty? An outdoorsy lesbian’s dream: a boat, two all terrain vehicles, fishing equipment and more.

Kaulbach was placed on administrative leave after the hearing. On Friday, DeKalb police fired her.

Following the arrest, “an internal affairs investigation deemed Kaulbach violated departmental policies of Conduct Unbecoming and Violation of Law,” Mekka Parish tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

So if Kaulbach didn’t steal the stuff, who did? Police allege the thefts are the work of the son of Kaulbach’s partner and two teen accomplices.