“The Butler” director talks black homophobia; out gay drivers, crews and other racing employees; Russian athlete kiss and rainbow nail polish; artist’s fake Grindr profile scores dick pics; Jersey bans “ex gay” therapy for minors, and more LGBT headlines.

Was Russian athletes’ kiss a show of LGBT solidarity? Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firova looked awfully gay to Western eyes when their podium smooch at the World Athletics Championships (top photo) went viral. While many assumed a political statement, Russian officials say it’s a typical expression. Either way, it just holds attention on the country’s anti-gay law. An intended protest was a high jumper forced to repaint her rainbow fingernails.

It’s gay up in NASCAR. Besides the out drivers fans know about, more are up and coming. It’s a veritable rainbow raceway (second photo) as even more openly gay trackside crew, officials, speedway professionals and other race-day workers do their thing while being out and proud.

Chris Christie to sign ban on “ex-gay” conversion therapy. The New Jersey governor agrees with legislators that their state should block parents and therapists from practicing dangerous “gay cure” therapy on minors under 18. It is the second such law in the country.

Lee Daniels discusses “The Butler” and homophobia among African Americans. The director (third photo) sat down with Larry King to discuss how his perspective as a gay, black man influenced the film's focus on the civil rights movement and his own story of the continued extra gay stigma among blacks.

NSA reporter’s partner held under terrorism act. The partner of the gay British journalist who helped Edward Snowden drop the NSA surveillance bombshell was held at Heathrow airport for nine hours. While traveling from Berlin to his home in Rio de Janeiro, David Miranda was questioned about his partner’s work and finally released after having his phone and other electronic equipment confiscated.

Preacher accidentally covers his book with “Modern Family” image. Evangelist Doug Sehorne doesn’t have a TV because it’s wicked. So he didn’t know that America’s most popular show is also wicked what with its gay parents and other tawdriness. Skipping his grasp on copyright laws (fourth photo), Sehorne became a laughing stock while backpedaling to distance his child-rearing book from the gaffe.

Groupon endorses Illinois marriage equality. The race is on to see which state will be the next to legalize same-sex marriage, and the web-based coupon company says it’s working on and rooting for Illinois. Its gay employees and their allied coworkers make the case.

Hawaii’s Congressional delegation wants state gay marriage. Both senators and both House members from the state issued statements urging the governor and legislature to convert civil unions for gay couples into marriages and settle the issue once and for all.

Female artist cruises Grindr to score dick pics. The “Future Femme” art collective is preparing a controversial Brooklyn exhibit in which four women competed to see who could get the most penis photos sent to them over the internet. One soared past the competition by creating fake Grindr and Scruff profiles as sexmusclebtm (bottom photo).

Why she should take ownership of gay male stereotypes. In an op-ed, “Needle Prick Project” founder Tyler Curry argues that “as gay men, we shouldn’t try to distance ourselves from some of the defining characteristics that are as colorful and diverse as the flags we wave.”

Kiss photo via Baltimore Sun; NASCAR from Jalopnik; Daniels via YouTube; book from Amazon; Grindr via Queerty