Gaga leaks her Vogue cover, MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts to become first gay anchor to marry same-sex partner, Obama restricts military funeral protests, AFA backs kidnapping kids from gay parents, Madonna protests Russian anti-gay law, and more LGBT headlines.

Gay MSNBC anchor plans his wedding. Thomas Roberts (top photo, right) announced plans on Wednesday to marry longtime partner Patrick Abner (left). Roberts came out in 2006, the first national news anchor to do so, though his career suffered from it at CNN Headline News and a Manhunt private-parts scandal in 2007 didn’t help,

AFA nutjob advocates kidnapping kids from gay parents. Conservative wingnut and American Family Association President Bryan Fischer pushes his anti-gay rhetoric perhaps the furthest into the appalling and ridiculous realm yet. He’s calling for an “underground railroad” to whisk away and “deliver” the kids to straight-parented households.

Lady Gaga leaks her own Vogue cover. Going against the rules, with apologies to Vogue maven Anna Wintour, and saying her fans deserve it, the singer tweeted the sneak peek of her on September’s issue wearing a Marc Jacobs gown (middle photo).

Gay boycott puts Orlando Magic in crosshairs. The NBA team’s owner, who is also the founder of Amway, donated $500,000 to the anti-gay National Organization of Marriage, so activists plan to boycott the team, the sub-par Amway products, and the Amway Center where the Magic plays its home games.

Obama, Romney agree: Gay Boy Scouts OK. The president, who was silent until Wednesday on the issue, denounced the Scouts’ gay ban. Of course, Romney’s statement against it goes back to 1994, though a spokesperson confirms that he still feels that way. We’ll see how long that statement and her job last.

Vanderbilt employee caught throwing out gay newspapers. The Tennessee university identified the employee on surveillance tape gathering up and pitching out the LGBT paper Out & About. Police are investigating, and the university is awaiting charges before deciding how to deal with the employee.

Obama restricts Westboro-style military funeral protests. On Monday, the president signed a law prohibiting protests within 300 feet of a military funeral and for two hours before and after such a service. The law rubs up against a 2011 Supreme Court ruling in favor of Westboro Baptist Church funeral actions (bottom photo).

Madonna gets ready to defy “homosexual propaganda” ban in Russia. In advance of her Saint Petersburg appearance, the singer is putting together a pink wristband audience brigade and says that she’ll speak out against the ban during her concert.

Federal judge upholds Hawaii’s gay marriage ban. The state allows civil unions for same-sex couples, but specifically bars them from full marriage rights. The judge ruled the distinction constitutional, and of course there’ll be an appeal.

Roberts-Abner photo via Observer; Gaga photo from Twitter; Westboro photo via Huffington Post