Child star’s video for NOM, “True Blood’s” Bill wants more gay action on show, Young Conservatives for gay marriage, Target refuses to sell Frank Ocean’s CD, Bruce LaBruce slams Vice “gay guide,” gay baseball cap masculinity, and more LGBT headlines.

Young Conservatives rally for gay marriage. The Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry (top photo) launched a campaign that puts a fine point on the fact that not all conservatives are against marriage equality. Leaders say they aren’t sure about backing Mitt Romney, either.

Like Brad’s mom, Angelina’s dad is against gay marriage. Angelina Jolie’s father, actor Jon Voight, says he agrees with his soon-to-be son-in-law Brad Pitt’s mom: Same-sex unions and President Obama are bad. The offspring Hollywood super couple has been outspoken in their support of marriage equality.

Target won’t sell Frank Ocean album. The singer (second photo) who rocked Hip Hop by coming out just weeks before his debut solo album “Channel Orange” won’t get any love from the big box retailer, which declines to carry the CD because he’s gay, well they say it’s strictly a “business decision.” Ne-Yo expresses full support of Ocean coming out in a much better way than Lil Scrappy.

Bruce LaBruce: A few choice words for Vice about being gay. Irreverent magazine Vice published its “Guide To Being Gay” with alphabetized listings like “D is for drugs” and “N is for nasty sex.” Gay indie punk director and provocateur Bruce LaBruce offers a spot-on response.

“True Blood’s” Stephen Moyer wishes for gay fans of his co-stars. In a big gay interview, the actor (third photo) laments coming in fourth with gay men after Joe Manganiello, Aleksander Skaarsgard and Ryan Kwanten, as well as his secret wish that his character Bill would hook up with Vampire Eric.

“Don’t trust a big butt and a baseball cap.” One gay man’s investigation of masculinity comes from the suggestion he wear a fitted baseball cap to attract more guys. It’s funny, but in final analysis, rings true.

Gay aide to Los Angeles mayor runs for city council. Matt Szabo, the highly regarded L.A. Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, made candidacy rumors official. He resigned his post to run for a vacated seat in a Wednesday letter to the mayor.

Kirk Cameron won’t shut up. The former child star of “Growing Pains” (bottom photo) capitalizes on his anti-gay rant earlier this year by filming a hyper-religious video for the bigot group National Organization for Marriage. If you give a damn about what he thinks, watch:

Young Conservatives photo from Freedom to Marry; Ocean photo via Daily Beast; Moyer photo from Advocate; Cameron photo via YouTube