Gay youth invite anti-gay “Growing Pains” star to lunch, bashing defendant challenges hate crime law, Santorum pushes Chick-fil-A day, adorable 10-year-old’s gay marriage speech, gay dancer Travis Wall’s “All the Right Moves,” and more LGBT headlines.

Gay hotel clerk faces life sentence for killing co-worker crush. London concierge Attila Ban (top photo) was found guilty this week of stabbing to death a colleague he had romantic feelings for and a female coworker. He even hid under the bed while cops searched the hotel room where he killed his victims.

Rick Santorum: Chick-fil-A is “awesome.” Mike Huckabee isn’t the only former Republican presidential hopeful supporting antigay company Chick-fil-A. Douchey Santorum pipes up in support of Huckabee’s “buy-cott” and dueling boycotts early next month, including a Gay Kiss Day Atlanta protest.

Gay teens invites Kirk Cameron to lunch. The Youth Caucus of Garden State Equality has invited the former “Growing Pains” child star, NOM spokesperson and outspoken anti-gay pundit (second photo) to meet with them after an upcoming appearance in New Jersey. Cameron RSVP’d “Um, no.”

Gay and trans “Missing Voices” from International AIDS Conference. The Global Forum on MSM & HIV released more than 100 abstracts on gay and bisexual men and transgender people rejected from inclusion in AIDS 2012. The report highlights new findings and major resource gaps not on the conference agenda.

Travis Wall talks “So You Think You Can Dance” and “All The Right Moves.” The gay choreographer and dancer (third photo) gets his own reality show next week on Oxygen. He chats about all the gay stuff readers can dream up in a daily countdown to the premiere.

Proposal would extend benefits to kids of gay federal workers’ partners. While legal partners of federal employees can’t get health coverage under DOMA, a policy change being considered would allow their children the benefits, even if the employee isn’t the biological parent.

Kentucky man challenges U.S. hate crime law in anti-gay attack. The attorney for Anthony Ray Jenkins, who stands charged with hate crimes in an attack on a gay man, said in a motion that “Congress has gone too far” in creating a protected class of people when it passed the legislation. Jenkins is the first tried under the law for sexual orientation bias.

Adorable kid gives pro-gay marriage speech to New York City Council. Kameron Slade, 10, (bottom photo, center) was once denied delivering his award-winning speech at school. With the help of lesbian council Speaker Christine Quinn (background, right), he finally got his audience. Watch video:

Ban photo from Daily Mail; Cameron photo via Instinct; Wall photo from Oxygen; Slade photo by New York Times