Watch White House dinner’s pro-gay jokes, Utah teen bullied to death, Adam Lambert on catty gay celebrities, Golden Girls lesbians lead Nevada marriage charge, DJ says gay daughter should be “screwed straight,” and more LGBT headlines.

Anti-gay bullying led to Utah teen suicide. While his 18-year-old boyfriend Alex Smith (top photo, left) spoke to a community panel on April 23 about the school bullying of Jack Reese (17, right), no one – not even Smith – knew that Reese had already taken his own life.

Bishop Gene Robinson may be replaced by second gay bishop. The New Hampshire Episcopalians put William W. Rich, a Boston pastor married to his partner, on the short list to replace the denomination’s first gay bishop, who is retiring. Rich faces two other candidates in a May 19 vote.

Four-decade lesbian couple makes Nevada marriage fight personal. Mary Baranovic and Beverly Sevcik (second photo, left-right), the lead plaintiffs in a federal case challenging their state’s ban on marriage equality, reminisce and talk about the unfairness of the law.

Foes push for gay marriage ban in North Carolina churches. Early voting begins Monday on a proposal to write marriage inequality into the state constitution, so proponents urged churches to show Sunday congregations a seven-minute video of religious leaders favoring the ban. Some did.

Adam Lambert: Gay men get catty celebrating each other. The singer (third photo) expresses disappointment in the lack of support shown among gay celebrity men for one another. “We’re very eager to celebrate a strong female. But to celebrate a fellow gay man - it gets catty sometimes.”

Joel Osteen: “Gay is a sin,” but “we shouldn’t discriminate.” Fox News Sunday hosted the megachurch pastor and let him prattle on about his belief that homosexuality is a sin doesn’t make him a “gay hater” or a “gay basher.”

Ohio DJ says man’s gay daughter should be raped. Dominic Dieter, a DJ at Cleveland rock station WMMS, advised, “You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.” Castmates on the morning show rebuked him, but GLAAD wants him suspended and an apology. Well, they got it Monday. Like that’ll do some good.

Pro-gay jokes at White House Correspondents Dinner. The president (bottom photo, left) said he’ll institute an “It’s Raining Men” second-term policy. Kimmel (right) made jabs favoring gay marriage, including “When you really think about it, aren’t all marriages kind of gay? I mean, as a man when you get married, essentially what you are saying is, I will never touch another woman as long as I live. Now let’s put jewelry on each other and dance.” Watch a compilation:

Smith-Reese photo via Huffington Post; Baranovic-Sevcik photo by Las Vegas Review Journal; Lambert photo via Bilerco Project; Obama-Kimmel photo by AP