“Twilight” hunk cast to play straight in gay world, lesbian appointed to Holocaust Memorial Council, chicken chain accused of faking Facebook profile as defender of anti-gay ways, Boy Scouts fire gay Eagle Scout employee, and more LGBT headlines.

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum adds lesbian to advisory council. On Tuesday, President Obama appointed Susan Lowenberg (top photo), whose father William J. Lowenberg is a Holocaust survivor and helped found the Memorial, to the council that oversees the national Holocaust museum.

Chicago alderman to Chick-fil-A: No deal. Proco “Joe” Moreno says his up-and-coming trendy ward doesn’t need one of the anti-gay marriage chicken chain stores and is working to block the company from building one there. And oh, no: Chick-fil-A busted for fake Facebook profile to defend itself?

Kellan Lutz to star in film set on gay planet. In a role reversal drama, hot young actors Lutz (middle photo) and Camilla Belle will costar in a film as secret lovers in a world in which homosexuality is the norm and straights have to hide who they are. Twilight hunk Lutz is hot alright. No really hot. OK, even uber hot.

GOP House members challenge military uniforms in Pride parades. A letter from concerned Congress members to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta protests the Pentagon’s exception to the rule against military members to march in uniform in “political parades.” A little late. Gay troops appeared in uniform at last weekend’s San Diego Pride parade.

Boy Scouts Camp fires gay staffer, 10 more quit. Eagle scout and camp counselor Tim Griffin says he was let go over increasing tensions over the organization’s gay ban. BSA says that’s not why he was fired. 10 camp employees walked out with Griffin in protest. No wonder Eagle Scouts continue returning their badges in droves.

Supreme Court asked to review Massachusetts DOMA case. One of several challenges to the federal ban on recognizing same-sex marriages, Massachusetts’ state Supreme Court adds its request to a list of cases asking the U.S. high court to consider the issue.

Ryan Murphy shrugs off One Million Moms protest of “The New Normal.” The gay “Glee” creator’s fall NBC sitcom about gay adoptive parents (bottom photo) is the latest target of the anti-gay group. Murphy says if they watched the show, they’d see their perspective represented too.

Victory Fund endorses 16 more LGBT candidates. Bringing its number of endorsements to 146 for July races, the endorsed local- and state-race gay candidates running in Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Washington, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Arizona and Hawaii.

Lowenberg photo via Gay Politics; Lutz photo from Collezion Uomos; “New Normal” photo by NBC