Chick-fil-A loving, gay-hating turncoat Karen Handel is back. In the worst possible way. The conservative Georgia sweetheart is recruiting other hateful Republican women to run for office.

Handel, the former Georgia Secretary of State who hated the gays after she liked them enough to win local office, was jobless earlier this year after her debacle of a performance with Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Though her disgust with Planned Parenthood did help the LGBT non-profit Health Initiative raise some bucks for boob health.

The Atlantan has been publicly quiet ever since, until the Republican State Leadership Committee announced that she will co-chair its new “Right Women, Right Now” campaign. Don’t be fooled by its clever title; this is an effort to recruit, train and mentor Republican candidates just like Handel, who helped drag LGBT issues through the gutter in her unsuccessful race for governor in 2010.

“This effort will provide a great support structure and necessary resources for Republican women running for office,” Handel says in the announcement. “I look forward to electing a greater female representation within the party through this next generation of state-level officials.”

What else has Handel been up to? Making a point to eat at Chick-fil-A. Of course she did. And it wasn’t to share a same-sex kiss with lesbians like this or gay guys like these two.