Timberlake wants lead in Rocket Man movie, gay stylist dumps N.M. governor over marriage stance, indefinite Prop 8 delay filed, unconstitutional DOMA flap, Virginia gets gay adoption exceptions, Maryland passes marriage equality, and more LGBT headlines.

Federal court declares DOMA unconstitutional. If you didn’t read the judge’s Wednesday night ruling – and who wants all that legalese? – he ruled not just that federal worker Karen Golinski (top photo, right) should be able to enroll her legally wed same-sex spouse in her health benefits program, but that the law itself was discriminatory for all gay married couples.

UPDATED: Maryland Senate passes same-sex marriage. Discussion and a 25-22 vote finalized the marriage equality bill that passed the state House last week. Amendments designed to kill the measure didn’t work, and the governor is expected to sign the bill he pushed for into law on Friday. Maryland marriages for gay couples begin in Jan. 2013.

Petition for re-hearing puts Prop 8 on hold indefinitely. In a delay tactic, marriage equality opponents asked the full circuit court to re-consider the arguments that led a three-judge panel to deem the state’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional. Without the request, gay marriages could have been reinstated pending U.S. Supreme Court appeal, but now there is no deadline for the circuit court to decide whether to re-hear the case.

Justin Timberlake considering playing Elton John in biopic. John’s husband David Furnish says Timberlake (middle photo, right) is all about the role as the Rocket Man (left) but the hold up is in finding the right director.

Virginia House approves Senate version of gay adoption exemptions. The governor is expected to sign by Friday the measure that allows private adoption agencies to refuse service to prospective gay parents, which remains against the law for state agencies.

Gay hairstylist dumps New Mexico governor over marriage equality. Antonio Darden told a Phoenix news station that he cut Gov. Susana Martinez’s hair three times, but won’t do it again as long as she continues to oppose legal marriage for gay couples. It goes to show you can’t be anti-gay and look good too.

Lawmakers block Nebraska bill to override local anti-discrimination laws. In a move like the one that passed in Tennessee, the proposed bill would have nullified municipal laws that protect LGBT workers from bias on the job. It’s designed to stop an Omaha non-bias ordinance, but won’t make it through committee.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: I’m with Obama on gay marriage. As part of a national interview blitz, Christie (bottom photo) says vetoing marriage equality and pushing for a voter referendum was “the right thing to do.” He says critics chastise him for the same civil unions-over-marriage stance as the president. The gay interviewer wasn’t having it.

New York City Marriage Bureau gets $200,000 boost from gay nuptials. The exact gender of couples is not recorded by the city, but the bottom line went from $2.07 million in August to December 2010 to $2.26 million in the same period since gay couples began marrying. Some 36,913 licenses issued went to 41,967.

Golinski photo by New York Times; John-Timberlake photo from E! Online; Christie photo via New York Daily News