“Hunger Games” actor’s pro-gay video, HRC dishes Romney dirt via paper-doll app, “Joe the Plummer” candidate on “queers,” SLPC’s “Hate Groups” list grows, Bravo’s “Million Dollar” gay porn star, and more LGBT headlines.

Joe The Plumber: “Queer” still not a slur. CNN is wasting airtime on the dumbass also known as Samuel Wurzelbacher (top photo), who made a joke of a 2008 presidential bid. Now he’s running for Congress, standing by past slurs and calling “the left” “intolerant” of opposing views.

Dress Mitt Romney with HRC’s mocking new Mitt-N-Match interactive. Drag and drop outfits onto the candidate paper-doll style, and learn about his flip-floppy LGBT record each time you do.

Fran Drescher officiates gay wedding. As promised and just in time to pimp the premiere of her new sitcom, the actress talked Tom Wahlen and Russell Kemp (second photo) through their vows on Tuesday at a New York club. “Happily Divorced,” based on her marriage to a gay man, premiered Wednesday.

Anti-gay groups jump 40 percent in annual “Hate Groups” list. Southern Poverty Law Center released its annual compilation of the country’s most reviled organizations on Wednesday. The specifically anti-gay portion of the list went from 17 to 26, including 11 new ones and some dropped as “inactive.” Two of them are in Georgia.

“Million Dollar Listing” Frederik Eklund’s gay porn past. You may know the Swedish reality star better as Tag Eriksson (third photo) from adult videos like “The Hole,” for which he won a GayVN award. Catch him now in more clothes chatting up real estate clients on Bravo.

Catholic diocese dumps homeless shelter over director’s pro-gay comments. As much as $10,000 a year was pulled from Francis House in San Francisco after the shelter’s director spoke out in favor of the rights of pro-choice and marriage for gay couples.

200,000 signatures delivered against “Bully’s” R-rating. A 17-year-old took the petition to the MPAA after the rating precluded the film’s target audience, adolescents, from viewing the anti-bullying documentary. Producers want a PG-13 rating so it can be shown in schools. Ellen Degeneres urges viewers to sign it too.

“Hunger Games” Josh Hutcherson speaks out against homophobia. You may remember Hutcherson (bottom photo) as the son of lesbians in “The Kids Are All Right.” An L.A. high school got the actor’s words of wisdom. Get a taste in his “Straight but Not Narrow” video:

Plummer photo from CNN; Drescher photo via GayNet; Eklund/Eriksson photo via Jet Set Men; Hutcherson photo via Lionsgate