Watch Stewart take down U.K. and U.S. in gay marriage riff, lesbian moms share custody with gay bio dad, Fred Phelps’ Westboro clan loses two granddaughters to reason, Donald Trump still a windbag, gay porn’s Man Karim dead, and more LGBT headlines.

Chick-fil-A toting shooter pleads guilty to FRC shooting. Back in August, sad nutbag Floyd Corkins (top photo) shot a security guard at the anti-gay Family Research Council. He admitted in court Thursday that he did it because they are anti-gay, and that the 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack were to smear in the faces of victims in his planned but foiled mass shooting. Under the plea agreement Corkins faces up to 35 years.

Two Fred Phelps granddaughters bail on Westboro. The bigoted clan from Kansas that protests wherever the biggest tragic headlines are being made then blames it on gay people lost two of their own. In an interview and statement released on Wednesday, Megan Phelps Roper and her sister Grace (second photo, left-right) say they left in November and are now considered “betrayers” of the family.

Obama nominates another gay judge. This time, the president puts his name behind a lawyer for a patent appeals court position. If Todd Hughes is approved by the Senate, he would be the first openly gay circuit judge and the first gay nominee by the president to get past Republicans.

Gay donor, lesbian couple all on child’s birth certificate. After giving sperm for lesbian friends to have a baby, Massimiliano Gerina (third photo, left, with judge and co-parents) decided he wanted paternity rights. Days before trial, a judge OK’d a settlement that ended a two-year case. All three people will be recognized as parents of the baby girl.

Indiana Republicans push gay marriage ban consideration to 2014. Sensing a tide turning against them, GOP state legislators decided not to try their hands at putting a ban on same-sex marriage into their state Constitution. Thursday, they officially tabled the idea until at least next year.

Donald Trump: Gay marriage “not my thing.” Well if it was, we’d be surprised, what with the Donald (fourth photo) being straight and all… Oh, he means he’s passing judgment against it. Well, it changes nothing in his native New York and no one cares what he thinks, so no big loss.

Gay porn star Colt Man Karim dead. 53-year-old body builder and trainer Christian Bouthillette was once known as big Colt Man Karim (bottom photo). His body was discovered last week “unattended in the bathtub” in the Wilton, Manors, Fla., apartment he shared with his partner. The coroner is working on cause of death. The news comes just days after another beefy porn stud, Arpad Miklos, committed suicide.

Jon Stewart mocks the U.K. gay marriage debate. Wholeheartedly acknowledging that Britain is light years ahead of the U.S. on the issue and roundly scolding America for the lag, the Comedy Central juggernaut still found a way to poke a little fun at Parliament’s decision making process. Watch:

Corkins photo via New York Daily News; Phelps photos from Advocate; coparents photo by Miami Herald; Trump photo by AP; Bouthillette-Karim photo via Colt