Roid rager and mesh shirt aficionado John Rocker is ready to make nice with the gays he insulted with his dickish comments as an Atlanta Braves pitcher, so he kissed the ring of CNN’s second most popular gay on Saturday.

It only took 13 years. Rocker, a lot older and a bit more mellow, appeared on Don Lemon’s Atlanta-based show to convince people he’s a politico and writer. Oh, and he’s sorry about that 1999 rant about “some queer with AIDS” (video above). All of the other insults wrapped up in that infamous rant? Not so much. No apologies either for calling a radio host a “Jew faggot” just three years ago.

If you just can’t get enough of Rocker – with those blue eyes, who can? – he’s now an author and blogger. Really. His memoir “Scars & Stripes” came out last month and he’s adding his conservative blather to the wingnut soup known as World Net Daily.

Lemon was CNN’s most popular gay until the silver fox quietly came out last week. But we still love the Virginia Highland-living Lemon.