It seems like only yesterday that pro football hunk JJ Watt was winning gay hearts with shirtless frolics on social media. Now as the NFL season heats up, so do the sexy shots of the beefy Houston Texans defensive end.

The latest case in point is the October Men’s Health cover.The gay internet is losing its mind over the display of abs and chest even more impossibly ripped than we remember eyeing up and down in such vivid detail. There stands Watt again (photos), all 6’ 6” and 290 pounds of pure sexiness, flexing his abs and showing off a chest that comes from reps including a 455-pound bench press.

So yeah, he could handle you. And wouldn’t you just love that.

Even when the rest of the Texans team leaves us lacking – at least on the gridiron, if not in our dreams. Hey there, Brian Cushing – Watt proves that he stands above the rest as the two-time Defensive Player of the Year. Forget if only for a moment that he’s apparently a great guy to boot. Or do like us and embrace it as part of your husband fantasies. 

We say there's no better way to get ready for the next Sunday game than another long, adoring look at Houston’s favorite son. Everybody wants a piece of JJ Watt. Use the photos and videos below to decide which piece you want. Read more after you're finished drooling in a Texas Monthly cover story and an intimate chat in the Chronicle. 


This is one mountain of a man.



Even in the NFL, this is how big.



And this is what it looks like coming for you.



And this is what you were just thinking.



And this is how cool he plays it.



JJ can play any position you put him in.



He’s ripped and ready for anything.



OK, JJ. Almost anything.



That’s better.



He works hard for that body.



Not that the cover shoot was exactly easy.




Get a taste of it in motion.



A video posted by JJ Watt (@justinjames99) on



That was fun. Let’s break it down.



Don’t you just want to take a bite?



Again, JJ. It’s OK. We won’t bite – that hard.



There’s that smile.



But you have to know exactly where we’re looking.



So even if we can’t domesticate you, JJ,



And even if it’s really all just an amazingly hunky fantasy,



We’ll always have Men’s Health.


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