Jerusalem House flashes back to Totally ‘80s Halloween

Gay Atlanta does a lot of things well, but we take costuming for Halloween to a whole other level. Jerusalem House’s annual bash always kicks things off early and keeps us in the spirit all week.

Such was the scene at Gallery 874 on Saturday, where no fewer than 10 gay Top Guns and eight Backdraft firefighters led a pack of Cyndi Laupers, Labyrinth Bowies, Andre Agassis, Lost Boys and Beetlejuices all the way back to the future. Also on hand were beloved children's characters of the decade, including Frankenberry, She-Ra and Bow, and a mashup Rainbow Fright.

Costume contest winners included guests dressed as Elliott from ET, Richard Simmons and Pac Man. WSB weekend anchor Wendy Corona led the costume judging panel.

Proceeds from the event went to help house people affected by HIV/AIDS. The Jerusalem House team that threw the party woke up the very next morning to raise even more money in the annual AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run.

Photos by Russ Youngblood