Actress adds name to Amway boycott for gay rights, National Coming Out Day, vice presidential nominee’s gay track record for debate planning, former child actor milks anti-gay attention, updates and spoilers on gay comic book heroes, and more LGBT headlines.

A hard gay look at Paul Ryan. Just in time for the vice presidential debates on Thursday, here’s exactly how anti-gay the GOP nominee (top photo) is, and how gay Republicans try to justify supporting him.

Happy National Coming Out Day! What it’s all about and commemorate your freedom from secrecy. Here’s a list of 30 athletes who have come out in just the last year.

Kirk Cameron: I was “stoned” and “crucified” for anti-gay comments. Guess the martyred Jesus imagery fits the former child star-turned-evangelical mouthpiece (second photo). Since his rhetoric got him more attention than he’s seen since the ‘80s, he’s back in front of cameras saying it was “love speech” not “hate speech.” Whatevs.

Swinging Richards can now swing it all in Miami. Of course the popular Atlanta gay male strip club is all nude, all the time. Now it’s younger sister location has won the right in court to swing the full richards, too.

Jane Lynch: Boycott Amway. The adorable and talented lesbian Emmy winner (third photo) dips her toes into activism again by signing a campaign postcard to the family that owns Amway. They made a private $500,000 contribution to an anti-gay group, so this time, it’s not about Atlanta’s Pride dolphins for Lynch. Just as unlikely to change anything, but still gay.

Count Nordstrom among Washington gay marriage backers. The Seattle-based clothing giant issued a statement Thursday in full support of its gay employees and their right to marry.

Keeping up with the comic book gays. What’s happened and what’s planned for Marvel and D.C.’s gays – including Earth 2’s Green Lantern (bottom photo)—since they all came out to a whirlwind of summer headlines? Spoilers ahead, fan-geeks.

Madonna’s “gay propaganda” lawsuit goes to Russian court. Of course she wasn’t there because that’s so two months ago, but a St. Petersburg courtroom filled for preliminary hearings on Thursday into $10.7 million suits against Madge and her concert promoters over alleged violations of the city’s law against “gay propaganda.” Madonna was too busy amazing Los Angeles audiences with her show.

Ryan photo via Advocate; Cameron photo from Examiner; Lynch photo by Michigan Live; Green Lantern still from DC Comics