imageScissor Sister as role model, top names who shaped LGBT news this year, Rihanna basher slips up on Twitter, Rupert Everett blames homophobia for sagging career, columnist coins “HoBos” moniker for “normalized” gays, and more LGBT headlines.

Chris Brown “defends himself” with gay Twitter slur. In a war of words with B2K’s Raz B, the Rihanna basher (top photo) called his critic a “dick in da booty a** lil boy” and wrote, “Why when the money was coming in u won’t complaining about getting butplugged! #homothug!!!” Later, he tweeted that he wasn’t insulting gay fans, just defending himself.

Apple rejects anti-gay marriage iPhone app for second time. Looks like they learned their lesson on the first version of “Manhattan Declaration,” which caused a stir that got the app unapproved. The “improved” version didn’t make it past Apple censors. The reworked version is still a game that responds to pro-gay answers as “wrong.”

image Newsmakers of the year. The Advocate names 10 activists, allies, athletes and jurists who shaped LGBT news in 2010. Politicians like outgoing U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy are included with the likes of transgender NCAA basketball player Kye Allums (second photo).

Columnist coins “HoBos” term for “Homosexual Bourgeoisie.” Conservative pundit Noah Goldberg is taking some heat from both sides for saying the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and efforts to legalize gay marriage create a growing number of “normalized” gays that flies in the face of both conservatives and gay rights advocates.

image Scissor Sisters’ frontman Jake Shears “proud” to be example to gay teens. “If I’m the go-to for new gays, and if I can be someone that gay teenagers can look at as someone who’s happy and who has made a good life for himself, then that’s great,” the singer (third photo) says.

Gay, adopted writer slams Elton’s decision to have a baby. British opinion writer Andrew Pierce calls the decision to become a father at age 64 “another grotesque act of selfishness” on the singer’s part. Pierce calls the boy, born on Dec. 25, a “Christmas bauble” for John and his partner David Furnish.

image UK work relief office accused of taunting gay couple. The country’s Department for Work and Pensions is looking into claims by Roy Pearson and Steve Mellor (fourth photo, l-r) that they endured weeks of “gay boy” slurs when they went to claim their unemployment benefits.

Luxury gay hotel to open in Mexico next month. Gay men get their own exclusive slice of heaven when Quintana Roo opens in Riviera Maya on the Mexican Carribean.

image Rupert Everett: Hollywood shunned me after coming out. The actor (bottom photo) says that producers would rather have straight actors in gay roles so they can continue to mask a conservative bias in tinseltown as “liberal.” One gay entertainment reporter isn’t buying it.

Seattle police accused of targeting gay bars. The city’s mayor says he’s looking into allegations that enforcement of bar and pub rules is selectively skewed to be stricter on gay and lesbian-owned establishments.