Saxby Chambliss? Not gay. Ben Cohen? Not gay. Hugh Jackson? Um, not gay. Tyler Perry? Girl, please. That's the reaction of a gay Atlanta man who offers up detail after detail to support his claim that the movie mogul is a queen.

Flirting with persistent rumors that Perry is queen of his Atlanta throne is nothing new. He made a career of dressing in drag, after all. But YouTube provocateur and gay muscle daddy Walter Lee Hampton says he knew Perry before the world did and back then, in the late '90s, he was a finger-snapping gay man surrounded by flashy queens who helped lay the foundation for what's become his mega-success story.

"He toured with a lot of my personal friends who were in his plays," Hampton says. "Tyler had a huge amount of support from the black gay community, well, because he was black and gay."

Hampton distanced himself form Perry after a dinner at the now-defunct 10th & Myrtle Restaurant in which he says he challenged Perry's assertion that he couldn't be gay and successful.

"I couldn't believe to hear him say that he had to hide his sexuality to make money and that's exactly what he said," Hampton says.

And that's where Hampton takes his issue: Perry, he charges, made his fortune with the help of black gay men but turned his back on them once he made it big.

"He went from being a loud member of the community out at Traxx ... to distancing himself from black gay men," Hampton says. "We all know you a six-foot four queen."

So, Tyler Perry? Honey child, even Hampton's cutie pup Vegas agrees. Gay.