Actor reveals years-long battle with prostate cancer, video explores gay men who hate other gay men, Justice Scalia leaves no room for error on his anti-gay stance, hate crimes against gay people increase, Glenn Beck again defends gay marriage, and more LGBT headlines.

Antonin Scalia defends equating homosexuality with bestiality and murder. With the U.S. Supreme Court getting ready to weigh gay marriage, its most conservative and anti-gay member (top photo) on Monday defended writing that sodomy laws were like banning bestiality and murder. He says lawmakers can and should legislate morality, and that the Constitution is not a living document that’s flexible to changing times. But we already knew how he’s voting.

Glenn Beck defends gay marriage. The conservative TV pundit is on our side when it comes to the issue of gay couples and marriage equality. “Let me take the pro-gay marriage people and the religious people — I believe that there is a connecting dot there that nobody is looking at, and that’s the Constitution.” Beck went on to say Republicans need to “expand our horizon.”

FBI: Overall hate crimes down, anti-gay crimes up. In the last year, 6,222 hate crimes were reported. Nearly half of them were racially motivated, but that number is down 6 percent. Crimes targeting gays and lesbians, the second largest group, increased about 2.6 percent to 1,572.

Ian McKellan reveals he has prostate cancer. The British knight and gay actor (second photo) most recently acclaimed for his role as Gandalf in “The Hobbit” reveals he’s had the disease for six or seven years, that it’s under control, and that acting keeps him enthused about life.

Big pharma Merck stops Boy Scouts donations. The Merck Foundation says that the Boy Scouts ban on openly gay members and leaders directly conflicts with its giving guidelines. The decision also dovetails nice with a large portion of the company’s U.S. customers, many of whom take its HIV medication Isentress on a daily basis.

54 groups call on Obama to take action on gay bi-national couples. A letter to the president on Monday from the coalition of LGBT and immigration groups calls for a hold on the marriage-based green card applications for bi-national same-sex couples to await a final decision from the Supreme Court on DOMA’s constitutionality.

Susan Rice calls out offending countries on International Human Rights Day. The ambassador and top contender to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State (top photo) was gay-inclusive in her statementd marking Monday’s commemoration of the Eleanor Roosevelt-led remembrance of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. 

Why gay men hate other gay men. Well, some do anyway. Filmmaker Blake Pruitt decided to make the documentary short “20MALEGAYNYC” after hearing his gay male friends express in one way or another their “hatred” for other gay men. He says it’s self-hate. Here’s a preview:

Scalia photo by AP; McKellen photo from Mirror UK; Rice photo via Advocate