Bravo’s head gay Andy Cohen tried to put an end to Faggot-gate in the finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion triology. Did it work? Gay-slurring Marlo Hampton seemed almost, well, contrite.

Whether she’s truly sorry—or just sorry for the trouble it’s caused her—Cohen didn’t let the reunion show close on Sunday without addressing it. Hampton dropped the anti-gay f-bomb on the show’s Jan. 29 episode.

It wasn’t until after the slur aired that Hampton apologized to the show’s gays, along with her gay supporters, and tried to walk it back. The gay sidekicks, Miss Lawrence and Derek J, came to Hampton’s defense. Hampton continued her apology tour in March by hosting the Labels Party for the gays. But on RHOA the very next day, there’s Hampton denying to Sheree Whitfield and Miss Lawrence that she ever said “faggot.”

Really, girl, really?