Model wannabe unmasked as liar about teenage sex with gay puppeteer behind Elmo, Obama nominates gay black judge to federal bench, gay hopes for Clinton presidential run, gay Washington Senate Majority Leader, and more LGBT headlines.

Obama nominates yet another gay judge to federal bench. If confirmed, William Thomas (top photo) would join the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida and be its first openly gay African American. The appointment comes with lifelong tenure.

Tony Kushner: Lincoln might have been gay but probably wasn’t. The Tony winning gay writer who penned Steven Spielberg’s new “Lincoln” biopic with Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field has hinted that there was a gay presidential implication in the movie. Now that the movie’s releasing, it’s sexless. Kushner backtracks.

Fame-mongering gay model revealed as Elmo accuser. The Smoking Gun unveiled Sheldon Stephens, aka Sheldon Xzavier (second photo) as the 24-year-old who alleged then recanted that “Sesame Street” puppeteer Kevin Clash sexed him when Stephens was underage. His criminal record, then creepy pics soon emerged.

Nigeria advances anti-gay bill. Make room, Uganda. You’re not the only African country who hates gays and wants to outlaw homosexuality with medieval ideas and punishments. The Nigerian House passed a bill already approved by the Senate that cracks down on gays and those who hide them.

Gay Democrat named Washington Senate Majority Leader. Everything’s coming up gay in Washington state this month. Gay marriage is legal, and now state Sen. Ed Murray (third photo) will head up the majority party.

D.C. gay business leader arrested in alleged stalking home invasion. Mark Guenther, director of Capital Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, stands charged with unlawful entry after a male neighbor in his apartment building was awakened at 3 a.m. to find Guenther standing over his bed.

Hillary tops gay poll for 2016 candidate. Just when you thought you didn’t have to think about a presidential race for a while, gluttons for punishment kick off the 2016 campaign season early with the secretary of state (bottom photo) topping the 10 LGBT favorites if you had to vote right this minute. Would they be called Clinton 42 and Clinton 45?

Police: Assault on Logo star was anti-gay hate crime. Disc jockey and star of Logo’s “Positive Youth” Dustin Head and a friend were attacked by two men while walking home from a Phoenix gay bar late on Thursday. Head is recovering in the hospital, and police say it was clearly a bias crime.

Stephens photo from the Sword; Thomas photo via Buzzfeed; Murray photo from Zimbio; Clinton photo via Advocate