Kentucky men acquitted of federal hate crime charges in gay bashing, school waits 42 years to apologize for “fag” printed next to yearbook photo, OutServe names transgender director, Chris Kluwe’s “cockmonster” radio reprise, and more LGBT headlines.

Colin Powell endorses Obama. For the second time, the gay-friendly former secretary of state bucks most other Republicans to back the president (top photo). He outlines his reasons for supporting a re-election.

42 years later, school apologizes for calling man “fag” in yearbook. Faculty missed it, and bullying students printed it. In 1970. Canada’s North Vancouver school district formally apologized on Monday to Robin Tomlin for printing the word “fag” next to his photo. It’s dogged him emotionally for four decades.

Kentucky cousins acquitted of federal hate crime against gay man. Anthony Ray and David Jenkins (second photo) were the first to be tried for sexual orientation bias under the federal law. It didn’t work, despite their repeated bragging about kidnapping and assaulting a “faggot.” They were found guilty of kidnapping, and sentencing is pending.

Babies can discern gender stereotypes. Infants as young as 18 months can tell when gender norms have been violated, according to a Brown University professor’s research. If it’s off the “norm,” babies reacted in the study.

OutServe-SLDN names transgender veteran as chief. With DADT history but trans people still banned from the military, former commissioned officer Allyson Robinson (third photo) takes the helm of the LGBT military group saying “The fight is not over.”

Gay Olympic ice-skater marries his partner. No, not Johnny Weir. That already happened, and to an Atlanta gay to boot. But Matt Savoie did compete on the same 2006 team in Torino. Savoie wed his law school sweetheart Brian Boyle in Massachusetts at an Oct. 7 ceremony.

“American Horror Story” star: “A lot of my butt.” For the second “Asylum” season, last year’s Tate and this year’s Kit, Evan Peters, traded in Season 1’s rubber suit for much less clothing. He talks about being naked on set and exposing his balls to Jessica Lange while she spanked him.

NFL’s Chris Kluwe: I can call elected officials “lustful cockmonsters.” A pro-gay marriage ad running on Minnesota radio features the outspoken Minnesota Vikings punter (bottom photo) reprising the most famous phrase from his highly viral rant against a state official and for gay rights. It’s toned down as “lustful bleepmonster,” but still. Listen, then go buy the shirt:

Powell-Romney photo by Reuters; Jenkins photos from US Marshals Service; Robinson photo via Outserve-SLDN; Savoie photo from Ice Network