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Dancing dead haunt Heretic Halloween [photos]

Take some zombies. Mix with steam punks, 18th century aristocrats, gladiators and assorted spirits. Shake it with DJ Mike Pope until you have the Night of the Dancing Dead party.    READ MORE »

photos  |  Halloween  |  Nightlife

‘Ghosts’ camps up Halloween holigay [photos]

From Halloween sluts to superheroes, Honey Boo Boo and more, the gays did what they do best on Friday: Camp it up for a Halloween charity event with a cause.    READ MORE »

Gods & Monsters at Jungle’s Halloween [photos]

With sexy DJ Seth Cooper, all you can do is hold on tight. Such was the case on Saturday, when he took over a costume-packed dance floor at the Gods & Monsters bash.    READ MORE »

Halloween Slut is as easy as 1, 2, 3 [video]

We told you what not to wear, and that easy-out costume list still stands. But showing off that hard-earned body never goes out of style. Take off your shirt, and let’s get down to business.    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s best gay Halloween weekend to-do list

It may not officially be All Hallow’s Eve, but it’s definitely Halloween weekend in gay Atlanta. Plan your costumes wisely as holigay theme nights dominate the weekly Gay Agenda events.    READ MORE »

Got ‘hate’? Sharon Needles Halloween masks

If you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’ or just want to wear Atlanta-fueled controversy on your face this Halloween, plop down $75 for a lifelike vinyl mask of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” champ Sharon Needles.    READ MORE »

Friday: The hunks of Halloween 2011

Atlanta's Halloween offering of gay parties and fundraisers brought out the hunks. From firefighters to warriors, gays in the military to jocks on the field, they dressed up to show it off.    READ MORE »

Gay goblins do Halloween for charity [photos]

Halloween is a time for the gays to take any costume, sex it up and put it on display while cocktailing. Pair it with a chance to raise funds for charity and it’s an ab-licious double play for a Kirkwood couple.    READ MORE »

Boo-T-Ball resurrects Halloween fun [photos]

The jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta showed that they’ve got mad skills off the field, too, by dressing up and throwing down for their Boo-T-Ball Halloween fundraiser at Opera.    READ MORE »

Bedlam crazies whore-ify Halloween [photos]

Horror movies have made bank for years combining sluts, corpses and murderers, so of course, the perfect October theme for the unique partiers at Bedlam was a Whore-ified Halloween.    READ MORE »

High’s thoroughly Modern Masquerade [photos]

The High Museum celebrated Halloween and its “Picasso to Warhol” exhibit by inviting partiers to unleash their artsy alter egos at Saturday’s Modern Masquerade, and the crowd didn’t disappoint.    READ MORE »

Alternaqueers find ‘Fame’ for Halloween [photos]

Combine the DJ talents of Vicki Powell and Kyle Keyser, and you’re likely to come up with an alternaqueer Halloween event that turns a creepy old high school auditorium into a big costumed dance fest.    READ MORE »

Jungle’s Fiesta Fatale plays H.E.R.O. [photos]

Costumes? Check. Hot DJ? Check. Halloween revelry? Check. What set Fiesta Fatale apart from the rest of Saturday’s slew of Halloween parties was that proceeds benefited pediatric AIDS.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta scares up a hella lotta Halloween

The LGBT-ATL loves its Halloween. For proof, dip into our brewing cauldron of local LGBT events while you’re final-fitting your “Pan Am” stewardess, half-naked statue or Dr. Who costume.    READ MORE »

Carnevale opens Halloween holigay [photos]

The gays took advantage of an early start to the Halloween holigay on Saturday, donning their costumed best for the Carnevale fundraiser in a downtown hotel ballroom.    READ MORE »

What not to wear: gay ATL Halloween costumes

When it comes to Halloween, you have lots of choices for gay dance parties and fundraisers in Atlanta. You also have plenty of options better than the standard gay costumes.    READ MORE »