Legendary gay writer dies, Amtrak wants gays to “ride with pride,” Wendy’s owner supports Chick-fil-A as Protest Day unfolds, Prop 8 appeal to Supreme Court, DOMA unconstitutional again, B&B owners go off on lesbian, Beenie Man says sorry, and more LGBT headlines.

Iconic, iconoclastic Gore Vidal dead at 86. The groundbreaking openly gay writer (top photo) of “Myra Breckenridge” and “Burr” among other novels, plays and essays, whose works and opinions have inspired outrage and introspection for more than 60 years, died of pneumonia in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Gay marriage foes ask Supreme Court to step into Prop 8 case. After two resounding defeats for California’s gay marriage ban in lower courts, a request was filed Tuesday for a final appeal to the highest U.S. court. The justices also face DOMA challenges headed their way. Meanwhile, yet another federal judge rules DOMA unconstitutional.

North Carolina Wendy’s franchisee “stands with Chick-fil-A.” The owner of 86 Wendy’s storefronts in the state whose voters most recently banned gay marriage is stepping in it with gay customers, who are posting pics (second photo) all over the internet. Wendy’s corporate honchos say they’re looking into it.

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day vs. National Same-Sex Kiss Day. Wednesday is the day for Mike Huckabee-led “buy-cott” for anti-gay bigots to eat up their Jesus chicken. That’s prompting gays to kiss outside Chick-fil-A stores, including the upcoming Same-Sex Kiss Day at Chick-fil-A in Atlanta at CNN Center and one in Decatur, both on Friday. Emory and KSU are up in arms, and even GLAAD would be happy to accept your $6.50 combo meal price as a donation. Oh and Sarah Palin weighs in.

B&B crazies go off on lesbian mom. Speaking of Chick-fil-A day, Joianna Frischilla expressed disappointment in her neighborhood bed and breakfast for supporting Chick-fil-A on a sign outside their business. The B&B owners decided insane and misguided was the way to go in their response. A protest and petition are now underway.

Amtrak promotes “Ride With Pride” to gay travelers. In this age of public companies taking pro- and anti-gay stances, the train giant created the campaign using real gay families as models in conjunction with the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association.

First Look: Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Liberace flick. Stills (bottom photo) are emerging from HBO’s “Behind the Candelabra” with Douglas as the gay pianist and Damon as his “palimony” ex Scott Thorson.

Dancehall bigot Beenie Man evolves, apologizes. More than a decade after his homophobic lyrics and unapologetic attitude about them created controversy, concert protests and venue cancellations, the Jamaican singer (photo) now creates one last headline with a video to say he’s sorry. He starts by reiterating that he’s straight:

Vidal photo by AP; Wendy’s photo via Towleroad; Damon-Douglad photo from Daily Mail