Naya Rivera explains lesbian character’s “limbo” this season, gay Republican says gay liberal beating was a hate crime, Olympic silver medalist volleyball player comes out, police kill gay rampager, and more LGBT headlines.

Team USA volleyball silver medalist comes out. Three-time Olympian and Texas native Stacy Sykora (top photo) revealed she’s a lesbian in an interview with the Italian volleyball magazine Pallavoliamo. An injury kept her out of London in 2012, but she was a star on the silver medal squad at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Gay marriage state ballot roundup. Obama backs marriage equality referendums in three states. Google promotes gay marriage in Washington state. Maine’s top Catholic speaks against gay marriage. NYC’s Bloomberg boosts Maryland’s fight for gay marriage. There you have it. Just over a week to go.

Police kill gay man after bath salts-induced rampage. No, it wasn’t because they weren’t on sale. “Bath salts” is a street name for a family of designer drugs that can cause hallucinations. Jeremiah Moore and his partner were reportedly naked and running down the street breaking car windows. When Vallejo, Calif., police responded, the men ran in the house, set it on fire, and Moore emerged only to put a shotgun to a cop’s stomach. It didn’t go well after that.

Gay liberal attacks gay GOP campaign worker. It may be cold already in Wisconsin, but it’s hot all over during election season. Kyle Wood (middle photo), an openly gay full-time volunteer for Republican House candidate Chad Lee from Wisconsin, claims he was attacked by another gay man in his Madison, Wisc., home on the basis of his orientation and political beliefs. Wood calls it a hate crime.

Gay activist taken off life support after gay bashing. Doctors removed gay New Yorker Lou Rispoli from life support following a brutal Oct. 20 beating on the streets of New York’s Queens borough near his home. Rispoli was a 62-year-old music teacher and gay rights advocate.

Fitness center dumps family memberships to avoid gay partners. The Christian-affiliated Baylor Health Care Center scrapped all family memberships from its Tom Landry Fitness Center in Dallas, Texas. The decision came as it became clear they’d lose a case filed by a gay member who says denying him and his partner was against Dallas’ non-discrimination ordinance.

Naya Rivera on the future of “Glee’s” favorite lesbian cheerleader. The show’s fourth season has seen far too little of the fiercest lesbian Cheerio to ever stroll McKinley High’s hallowed halls. The actress who plays her (bottom photo) addresses Sapphic concerns about Santana’s “limbo.”

Accused Family Research Council shooter charged with terrorism. Floyd Corkins, accused of the August shooting a guard at the headquarters of the antigay FRC got slapped with additional charges Thursday. Corkins was carrying a backpack full of Chick-fil-A sandwiches and allegedly told the guard he didn’t like the FRC’s homophobic policies before shooting him.

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Sykora photo from AfterEllen; Wood photo via Daily Caller; Rivera photo from Fox