imageFox series adds gay villain, gay partygoer stabbed and thrown on fire, Girl Scouts welcomes transgender kid, lesbian homecoming couple targeted by adults, judge caught on tape, and more LGBT headlines.

Gay man beaten, stabbed and burned in Texas. Burke Burnett (top photo) says four partygoers in his small hometown in Reno, Texas, stabbed him with a broken beer bottle before throwing him onto an open fire.

North Carolina gay marriage foe James Forrester dies at 74. The 20-year state senator was responsible for introducing and pressing an amendment to the state constitution to ban gay marriage, which voters will decide in May.

image “Glee’s” gay villain. While “Glee Project” fans salivate over this week’s debut of Damian McGinty, news breaks of next week’s episode, when Grant Gustin (second photo) enters as Sebastian to shake things up by trying to take Blaine from Kurt.

Tape reveals New Mexico district judge’s gay slurs. Already facing bribery charges, Mike Murphy was caught in recorded conversations in which he told a gay court employee “a big old nasty faggot joke” and described a lesbian cousin as “a diesel dyke from day one.”

image Calls and e-mails target lesbian homecoming couple. After a San Diego high school elected Rebecca Arellano and Haileigh Adams (third photo, left-right) as homecoming king and queen, the school is being deluged by upset adults who don’t approve. Some of the comments are hateful and disturbing; all of them are disruptive.

Vandals spray-paint “Kill the gay,” leave noose at lesbian couple’s home. That there are homophobes in Parker, Colo., who would vandalize their home doesn’t surprise the women. The direct threats to their lives is what they’re most upset about.

image Colorado Baptist University expels transgender student. The school says Domaine Javier (bottom photo) lied on her entrance application to its nursing program by misrepresenting her gender. Javier’s gender identity came to light after she appeared on MTV’s “True Life.”

Girl Scouts support transgender kids. Bobby Mantoya’s mom says he’s identified as a girl since age 2. Now 7, they were told by a troop leader that Bobby couldn’t join. The Colorado Girl Scouts stepped in, explaining a national policy that says 7-year-old Bobby is welcome.

Burnett photo by Dallas Voice; Gustin photo from Fox; homecoming photo via Los Angeles Times; Javier photo from MTV