Adam Lambert confirmed in fall cast of “Glee,” out Olympic speed skater to flout anti-gay Russian law, Lady Gaga’s world domination returns from hiatus, Margaret Cho gets mileage out of John Travolta’s gay secret, civil union states, teen cyber bullying, Google’s (accidentally?) anti-gay fundraiser, and more LGBT headlines.

Gay teens report higher rates of cyber-bullying. Just like real-life bullying, reports by youth who identify as LGBT of online harassment (top photo) are three times higher than their straight peers. That’s just one of the revelations in the latest study by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.

Adam Lambert to join cast of “Glee.” Producer Ryan Murphy tweeted the news on Thursday to the collective swoon of diehard Glambert (second photo) and “Glee” fans. No word on his role or the extent of his presence. Elsewhere, Lambert touts the importance of out celebrities.

Gay activists mobilize to protest gay blood donation ban. Friday is the day that gay men across the U.S. will show up to be denied a chance to give blood under the current FDA rules. They’ll also bring picket signs and loud voices against the archaic, discriminatory policy to the “National Gay Blood Drive.”

Gay Olympian to wear rainbow flag at Russia Games. Out athlete, speed skater and all-around hottie Blake Skjellerup (third photo) says not only does he refuse to “tone it down” in the anti-gay country with a “no gay propaganda” law, he will wear a rainbow flag in direct defiance at the Winter Olympic Games next year.

Civil unions states next in marriage line. Almost each day since the Supreme Court DOMA rulings, a new state is being sued to overturn its ban on gay marriage. While those cases wind through the system, legislators and activists in states that have separate but equal civil unions are working to call it marriage. Hey there what’s up, Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado and Hawaii! View a 30-month plan for six more marriage states.

Lady Gaga is about to be all up in your face again. The LGBT ally and pop star (fourth photo) used Facebook to announce an Aug. 19 single release, Nov. 11 album release and a Sept. 1 pre-order on the “ARTPOP” album and its… app. Correct. The smartphone and tablet app is “a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology” which will establish “Gaga’s existence as a cultural interface.”

Google raises funds for anti-gay U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe. The superfreak Oklahoma senator refuses to hire openly gay staffers and has pondered aloud if straight soldiers should be expected to die for gay comrades. Google is hosting a huge to-do for his re-election campaign. What, they didn’t Google him first?

Margaret Cho denies outing John Travolta as gay. Again. It’s actually kind of old, but back in April, Cho (bottom photo) said what the rest of us all know (Travolta ass play in Atlanta, anyone?). She was unable to get some attention traction out of it a couple of times since then. Now it’s back as she peddles a new web series. “It’s so obvious," Cho says of Travolta. "That’s like outing Liberace.”

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