Young gays, old gays, drag queen gays and more converged on Charlotte this week for the Democratic National Convention. Oh sure, they listened to some speeches. At least when they weren’t burning up Grindr looking to score political tricks.

Maybe they were Grinding for Equality. Right. From the profiles we reviewed from our sources on the ground in Charlotte, they were more concerned with penis than POTUS. (See photo gallery below.)

Some were visiting and, thanks to the ubiquitous torso pic, were pretty clear about their intentions: “Fit, masculine guy. Looking for fun.” Others lived in Charlotte and hoped to make the most of all the fresh meat coming to town. Jase rules nothing out. Not. A. Thing. Except maybe chest hair.

Some of the influx of gays to Charlotte this week proudly displayed their LGBT Pride in their profile pic. DNC wore a rainbow infused sweatshirt and described himself like this: “Student, Social Advocate and Liberal Loudmouth.” Who wants a loudmouth in the sack? Loud maybe, but no one wants to debate unemployment stats and Obamacare while they’re getting laid.

Other gay political wonks were looking for education. Really. “I love to educate myself endlessly. Extremely political. #Obama2012.” Maybe Grindr isn’t the place for you? Or learn from DNCFun, who showed off his bare torso and got to the point: “Show me some Queen City fun!”

Even the gays in media were on the prowl. An enterprising blogger and reporter from D.C.  asked for help gaining access to the parties. Um, you know the week was all about the politics, right? Sexy Dutch guy From Holland, by far the hottest of the bunch we’ve seen, puts it all out there on his profile. He’s in an open relationship and wants some love from black guys with a little Latin beef on the side At least when he’s not lugging around his cameras. He’s here to work and work it.

Some took a not-so-serious approach. David is “Visiting for DNC” and cracked that “four torso in a row. I win Grindr bingo.”

But even at the DNC, the gays still play their Grindr games. Welcome DNC, who pitched himself as “country/professional,” warned away DNC gays with no pics. Then he went on to explain that he loves the outdoors – he did say he’s country – and that he’s as willing to “chill w friends” as he is to strip down and fuck like a little political piggy.