Bullied Minnesota teen jumps to his death, Palin daughter thrashed over stupid Obama treatise, LGBT students’ video letters to future selves, Romney backs gay adoptions, Lady Gaga on “The Simpsons,” embattled gay cop sues town, and more LGBT headlines.

Romney supports gay adoption. The candidate (top photo), who’d rather change the subject, did address gay issues by reiterating that gay couples should have the right to raise families. Of course, he says that’s still not marriage or justification of civil unions.

Obama’s gay marriage stance now on laundry list. At the much-ballyhooed, celebrity-filled fundraising dinner at George Clooney’s house on Thursday, the president added his marriage evolution to the “Don’t Ask, Don’ Tell” repeal and gay hospital visitation rights in his stump speech.

Gay student confronts school board about teacher harassment. Jared Swank, 18, says his teacher told him a video of him dancing with his transgender date at the prom was to educate her daughter about diversity. Instead, she showed it to the class to ridicule him. The incident is under investigation.

Another bullied gay teen takes his own life. Jay “Corey” Jones (middle photo) jumped to his death Sunday in Minnesota. His dad says anti-gay bias and harassment was the key motivator.

Barney Frank and Chris Matthews shred head hater on gay rights. Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins has been getting a lot of airtime in the wake of the president’s marriage announcement. At least this time, his opponents on the talking head scene know how to out-talk almost everybody.

Lady Gaga visits “The Simpsons.” The May 20 episode goes goo-goo for Gaga, especially Lisa, as the show known for its guest star voices gets clocked by the diva in its season finale.

Gay cop sues town, police department. In Bogota, N.J., it’s allegedly business as usual to harass, belittle and discriminate against gay police officers. Lesbian officer Regina Tasca wants to change all that with her lawsuit. Or she wants to distract from being brought up on 11 pretty serious administrative charges.

Shut up, Bristol Palin. After a blog post that first assumes her political opinions matter and secondly states that Sasha and Malia Obama are in charge of the president’s gay marriage views so he’s a bad parent, Sarah Palin’s daughter (bottom photo) took a well-earned public thrashing from celebrities and pundits.

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LGBT Students: “Dear 40-year-old me.”  The Youth Committee of the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance gathered the teens to “write letters” to their future selves for the video, punch it with current statistics and bullying realities, and drive it home with emotional testimony. Watch:

Romney photo by CBS; Jones photo from Rochester Post-Bulletin; Palin photo via MSNBC