What’s between you and Atlanta’s 2013 gay softball season? Just a few beer busts, give or take. The jocks of the Hotlanta Softball League are known for their brew bashes, so even before play begins, beer flows.

Last month, it was the new Honey Badgers squad at Diesel. Last week, it was the annual Bowling Beer & Boys with the Atlanta Titans. On Sunday, it was the Atlanta Venom’s turn. The team hit Fifth Ivory after a skills session to brush up on pitching, catching and sliding.

And stay tuned, softball fans. HSL’s Jersey Party goes down this Saturday afternoon at Heretic. It’s for all of the league’s studs and studettes, and it features – who’da thunk it? – a beer bust.

Yes, actual softball games are in fact coming, too. Opening Day for Hotlanta Softball League’s 2013 spring-summer season is set for March 17. Stay tuned for weekly Extra Inning Beer Bust info from there. Until then, enjoy these photos of gay jocks at play.

Photos by Sher Pruitt