MLS player calls ball boy “faggot,” watch Rick Santorum campaign cross line in attack video, GLAAD honors Lady Gaga, “Smash” and others, Facebook urged toward third gender option, arrested Caribbean cruisers speak, and more LGBT headlines.

Lady Gaga, “Smash” among GLAAD winners. Saturday’s Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation gala in New York honored LGBT representations in various media outlets including music, television, film, blogs and more. Kirk Cameron got booed.

Gay lawmaker asks Facebook for third gender. In a public letter to social network founder Mark Zuckerberg, Nepal legislator Sunil Babu Pant makes his case for including intersex alongside male- and female-identified profile options.

Pro soccer player apologizes for calling ball boy “faggot.” Houston Dynamos midfielder Colin Clark (middle photo) was caught on video uttering the slur just 16 minutes into the game. Two tweets beg forgiveness, while the league considers disciplinary action.

Arrested gay cruise ship couple speaks. Denis Mayer and John Hart, the gay couple from Palm Springs arrested last week aboard an Atlantis Cruise in Dominica, talked about their ordeal being arrested by Dominican police on suspicion of having sex in view of other passengers. After paying fines and being flown home, they say they were just naked.

Cleveland hosts “largest illegal mass wedding ever held.” More than 200 couples (bottom photo) tied the knot to protest the state not recognizing gay unions.

Missouri school district must replace filter of pro-gay sites. A judge’s temporary injunction has sided with the ACLU in a lawsuit to have the software replaced by a filter that allows non-pornographic gay sites. The full case is still pending.

Vermont military college holds first Gay Pride Week. Norwich University, the nation’s oldest private military academy, opens its first Pride week Monday. Six days of events include lectures, the Condom Olympics and a Queer Prom.

Santorum launches doomsday “Obamaville” videos. The first of eight in an online propaganda series by the candidate’s campaign “foretells” what it would be like if the president wins re-election. Brace yourself now; the anti-gay one’s coming. Watch:

Gaga photo from StarPulse; Clark photo from ESPN; wedding photo by Cleveland Plain Dealer