imageHigh school goes all “Glee” naming gay couple king and queen, Old Navy issues Pride T-shirts, House approves defense bill to put new hurdle in DADT repeal, most surveyed guess 25 percent of U.S. is gay, HRC endorses Obama, and more LGBT headlines.

Old Navy introduces Pride tees. One shirt exclaims “Love Proudly” in rainbow colors (top photo), while a second offers a rainbow flag on a black background. Both include the tagline, “Pride 2011 Old Navy.” A pitch for the gay dollar? You betcha, but the company appears to back the sentiment as well. The shirts go on sale Monday.

U.S. House approves defense bill with anti-gay provisions. In a 322-96 vote, the full floor vote approved the Pentagon legislation with language that could disrupt “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal and would reaffirm the Defense of Marriage Act.

image Gay teens crowned prom king and queen in Maine. An effort to fight homophobia in the Sanford high school led to Christian Nelsen (second photo, left) being crowned queen and his boyfriend Caleb Jett (right) winning the title as king. Did we not just see this on “Glee”?

U.S. adults think 25 percent of people are gay. Those surveyed in the most recent Gallup poll guessed on average that one in four people are gay or lesbian. Common references and some studies estimate the number at more like 5 to 10 percent of the population. Score one for visibility affecting perception.

image Moscow gays set to defy Pride ban. The Friday “walk in the park,” renamed after an official march permit was denied by the city, remains on the local gay agenda, but police say they will cut it short by force. Here’s what that has looked like in years past (third photo).

HRC endorses Obama for second term. The nation’s largest LGBT rights organization issued its support of the re-elecion bid on Thursday. Shocker.

“Gay cure” therapist guilty of malpractice. After being secretly recorded by a journalist last year while she tried to pray away the gay, U.K. therapist Leslie Pinkleton was admonished by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy as being “reckless,” “disrespectful” and “unprofessional.”

image Memorial Day Weekend on gay TV. See what will be battling for space on your DVR in the coming days, including “Pretty Hurts” (bottom photo) Saturday on Logo.

Missionary pleads not guilty to helping lesbian custody fugitive flee. The Menonite pastor is free on bail after being charged with helping a woman and her child escape a judge’s order that she give up custody in a battle over the child with her former partner.

No more “Gays Of Our Lives?” With the head writer and the gay co-head writer of “Days of Our Lives” suddenly out of jobs, the rumored gay story line expected to hit Salem this summer might just be derailed.