Hot pro-gay pro football players amid Super Bowl frenzy, Ken Mehlman gains support on Republican tour for gay marriage, complicated gay reactions to Koch death, a million signatures to Boy Scouts, Barney Frank overlooked, and more LGBT headlines.

Late Ed Koch talked about everything but his own sexual orientation. The former New York mayor and Congress member said whether he’s gay or straight is “none of your fucking business” in the new documentary “Koch.” Remembered in part for that question as well as doing too little for AIDS and gay rights causes, Koch died at age 88 on Friday, the same day as the documentary’s release. The movie plays as part of Atlanta Jewish Film Festival’s LGBT track this month.

Senior Romney advisor endorses marriage equality. David Kochel, a strategist who led Romney’s presidential efforts in all-important Iowa, made the conservative case for gay marriage as a matter of individual liberty, which he called a GOP cornerstone. The event was just one in a Republican gay marriage tour by Ken Mehlman, the gay Bush campaign aide and former RNC chair (second photo).

Indiana mayor weds gay couples as message to lawmakers. Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan offered a symbolic gesture on Thursday, giving his blessing to 13 gay and lesbian couples. The media event during an LGBT film festival took place the same day Indiana legislators waffled on whether to weigh a gay marriage ban this session.

Boy Scouts activists to drop off 1.4 million signatures Monday. As the Boy Scouts of America weighs dropping its national ban on openly gay scouts and leaders in favor of letting local troops decide, four high-profile figures against the ban will deliver on Monday a petition urging the board not to change its mind.

Hot NFL players who support gay rights. With the gayest Super Bowl ever on Sunday and a media firestorm created by disparaging remarks from 49er Chris Culliver, here’s a look at a dozen studs taking one for our team. Brendan Ayanbadejo and Chris Kluwe are just the beginning of a list of sexy allies that includes Atlanta Falcons’ Ray Edwards and Broncos buck Eric Decker (third photos).

Wyoming kills gay rights bills. Well, it was a long shot. Hopes after the advancement of two gay bills early this week were dashed. The state Senate voted 13-17 on Thursday against protections from employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. On Wednesday, the state House voted down legal domestic partnerships for gay couples.

Colorado pastor: Civil unions lead to pedophilia. Kevin Swanson, who added that straights would be burned at the stake, would be more laughable if this was the first time some dingdong has trotted out the same sort of stinking thinking. Not to be outdone, the anti-gay Family Research Council says gay-inclusive Boy Scouts will lead to child abuse.

Sorry, Barney. Gay retired House member Barney Frank (bottom photo) publicly courted the job of interim senator to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry as the new secretary of state. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick passed him over for William “Mo” Cowan, Patrick’s former chief of staff. A special election to permanently fill the Senate seat is set for June 25.

Two gay murders pique concern in New York. The New York City Anti-Violence Project raised an alarm after two separate apparent homicides of gay men within three days. One was found dead in his Manhattan home beaten and bound with a bag over his head. Another was found choked to death in Queens. The AVP says it has seen an uptick in “intimate partner” violence since the advent of hookup apps.

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Koch photo by New York Daily News; Decker photos via GayNet; Mehlman photo by USA Today; Frank photo via Dealbreaker