Fox hit returns with gay actor Matt Bomer, anti-gays launch No Special Rights PAC, Democratic platform leaves wiggle room for president, NYU Athletics: “It Gets Better” for gays in sports, gay gamers rally for Mass Effect 3, and more LGBT headlines.

NYU Athletics Department busts sports intolerance in “It Gets Better” video. Out volleyball captain Jay Hayes (top photo) spearheaded the effort that includes students, faculty and staff in the department touting a message of acceptance for all sexual orientations and gender identities in sports.

No Special Rights PAC seeks to end “Sodomy-based Marriage.” Even in Maine, which may become the first state to have marriage equality legalized by voters, anti-gay groups like this new political action committee are trying to thwart change.

Democratic plank offers Obama marriage wiggle room. The plank calls for the “full inclusion” of all families and only refers to “the freedom to marry” in context to opposition to “discriminatory constitutional amendments.” It’s vague enough for the president to support gay inclusion through civil unions and oppose efforts to deny benefits to same-sex couples. To wit, he issued a statement Tuesday that Minnesota’s anti-gay marriage ballot initiative is “divisive and discriminatory.”

Video game company in the middle in row over gay characters. Anti-gay groups set sites on Electronic Arts, one of the largest producers of video games, including Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 (middle photo). Gay fans rallied 60,000 strong to thank the company for its inclusionary policies.

Lambda Legal makes federal case out of Nevada marriage equality. The case – filed on behalf of eight same-sex couples – marks the first time that the group has sought state gay marriage in federal court.

Texas minister says gays will destroy Democratic Party. With a lesbian mayor, increased visibility of LGBT leaders and now a gay man running for the county’s Democratic Chair, a Houston pastor sends an ominous letter to supporters that it “will be a party of homosexuals.”

CIA sponsors first intelligence industry LGBT conference. The agency touted the February summit in a recent release as part of its efforts toward a diverse workforce. It included participants from CIA, ODNI and LGBT groups from nine other Intelligence Community agencies.

VIDEO: “Glee” returns with out actor Matt Bomer. To prep for Tuesday’s episode, watch below the “Somebody That I Used to Know” duet between Bomer and his character’s gay brother played by Darren Criss (bottom photo, left-right). You can also listen to the pair’s Duran Duran duet or Criss on Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.”

Hayes photo via YouTube; Bomer-Criss photo from Fox; Mass Effect 3 still via Electronic Arts.