If you haven’t heard of Signal 23 TV yet, locally based director Henderson Maddox aims to change that. Soon. He hopes to take Atlanta by storm with more than 20 online TV shows that hit the ‘net later this month, including the same-gender dramedy “Steel River.”

Maddox, who previously directed the Robin Givens movies “Unspoken Words” and “Sounds of Poetry” among other projects, has big dreams for his online TV network. He and crews all over town have been shooting dramas, comedies, talk shows, cooking shows and more on their own time with the ultimate goal of picking up steam and hitting cable.

Gathering followers like a quiet storm, “Steel River” (trailer above) follows the lives of four men striving, loving, sacrificing and overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams. Lies, secrets, and harsh realities provide the drama as they struggle at different levels with sexuality and same-sex attractions.

Originally slated for a premiere event on Jan. 23, Signal 23 was delayed a month when Maddox fell victim to the flu that’s taken down so many recently. A private audience previewed the first episode of “Steel River” on Thursday with a plan to move full steam ahead into a Feb. 23 debut of Signal 23 TV content. Word is that “Steel River” will hit in full any day now.

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